The news isn't what it used to be

With so much political polarization these days it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Get your news from a variety of high quality sources with customizable news feeds and viewing preferences (save font size in profile settings). Save your favorite sources and articles all in one place and get a customized news feed in your profile.

Pop-ups and the adpocalypse

Most news sites these days are crammed full of advertisements, pop-ups, and prompts to subscribe now. This distracts you and negatively affects the reading experience. On In Shape Mind you can browse articles from many sites at the same time, without having to navigate your way through a minefield of advertisements and trackers. This also has the benefit of faster page loads. The average website these days sends as much as 5 megabytes of data. At 20 page loads, that's 100 megabytes. Do that once per day for 30 days and it's 3 gigabytes (5 * 20 * 30 = 3,000). That's a lot of data! sends less than 1 megabyte per page.

A healthier way to be informed

Turn off the "boob tube" and read your news. Stop passively consuming news and start actively selecting it. There are advantages to staying intellectually and socially engaged such as increased happiness and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease (see: this page)