Articles by Adam Brewster Jun 13, 2022

Nevada's Senate primary is setting up what could be one of the priciest general matchups this fall
Adam Brewster

The primary setting up one of the priciest Senate races this fall takes place Tuesday in Nevada. In the final days before the primary, Laxalt campaigned with Donald Trump Jr., Trump ally Richard Grenell and former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. After the 2020 election, he falsely claimed tho . . .

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Primary elections for seats that could decide House control take place Tuesday
Adam Brewster

Two House Republicans who flipped seats in traditionally conservative Orange County, Young Kim and Michelle Steel, are top targets for Democrats this cycle. Her campaign and the House GOP-backed Congressional Leadership Fund have run ads portraying him as a liberal, a sign they're taking the challen . . .

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20 states vying to be first to vet 2024 Democratic presidential hopefuls
Adam Brewster

Fourteen other states, Puerto Rico and Democrats Abroad are also vying for the early window. The Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) approved criteria in April for selecting up to five states to be in the early window. Michigan would need approval from its legislature, w . . .

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Black Democratic Senate candidate in Kentucky wears noose in campaign video
Adam Brewster

Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Charles Booker released a campaign video Wednesday which features him wearing a noose, in an attempt to highlight Senator Rand Paul's opposition to a 2020 bill that would have made lynching a federal hate crime. The video, which starts with a graphic warning, ope . . .

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Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary headed to a recount
Adam Brewster

Unofficial results showed Oz ahead of McCormick by 902 votes, acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Leigh Chapman told reporters Wednesday. Pennsylvania state law says that statewide races go to a recount if the margin between the top candidates is 0.5% or less. Officials did not on Wednesday provi . . .

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Alabama minnesota Texas Arkansas May 23, 2022

Bush political dynasty to be tested in Texas runoff and other races to watch
Adam Brewster

Texas Attorney GeneralTuesday also marks the completion of Texas' March primary, when voters will participate in runoff elections. He's facing Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who is the son of former Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. The election will present a major test fo . . .

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Georgia May 23, 2022

Georgia primary pits Pence-endorsed Brian Kemp against Trump-backed David Perdue
Adam Brewster

"We may not win Tuesday, but I guaran-damn-tee you that we are not down 30 points," Perdue told reporters on Thursday night, when asked about the Fox poll. "I am with David all the way because Brian Kemp was the WORST Governor in the Country on Election Integrity!" "I certainly have no regrets, nor . . .

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Takeaways from Tuesday's primaries
Adam Brewster

Primaries were held Tuesday in five states, with former President Trump's high-profile endorsements had mixed results on Tuesday night and Republicans advancing candidates who questioned the eleciton results. Here are some of the takeaways from Tuesday's contests:How did Trump do? Former President T . . .

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Donald Trump Wisconsin May 17, 2022

Wisconsin Republicans sued for submitting their own electors in 2020 presidential campaign
Adam Brewster

A lawsuit filed Tuesday morning is taking aim at Wisconsin Republicans who submitted their own slate of presidential electors after the 2020 presidential campaign and asking a judge to declare that action unlawful. The lawsuit, which was filed in state court in the state capital, Madison, by Democra . . .

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Kathy Barnette, Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate, campaign believes photos of her on Jan. 6 are genuine
Adam Brewster

Kathy Barnette surging in polls but questions about her linger in Pa. Senate GOP primaryPennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette's campaign believes that photos appearing to show her on the streets of Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6th are of her, a person close to the campaign confirmed to . . .

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