Articles by ADAM CANCRYN May 31, 2022

The White House has one problem that rules them all: Gas prices

The White House’s focus on gas prices is bred from two sobering political conclusions top officials have made. Another option pushed by some congressional Democrats — banning oil exports — would antagonize the industry, and risks backfiring by inflating the world oil prices that determine gas prices . . .

keywords: administration, white, gas, oil, prices, supply, industry, rules, house, energy, problem, officials May 12, 2022

U.S. hit 1 million Covid deaths: What's Biden's pandemic endgame?

. . .

keywords: hit, bidens, covid, million, deaths, whats, pandemic, endgame May 06, 2022

Fauci privately miffed about the message sent by the WHCA dinner

But Fauci’s critique stood out because it appeared to put him at odds with the more relaxed stance toward the dinner taken by the White House and Covid-19 Response Coordinator Ashish Jha, who attended the dinner and was also present on the Thursday call. On Friday, a White House spokesperson pointed . . .

keywords: sent, biden, miffed, covid, dinner, white, told, correspondents, fauci, pandemic, health, whca, house, privately, message Apr 14, 2022

Biden enters the keep calm and carry on phase of the Covid fight

Still, the climbing case count has put some health officials on edge. “They’re like, ‘We don’t know if this is something to be worried about or not,’” said one person close to the White House. White House officials, meanwhile, are grappling with their own personal tolerance for living with the virus . . .

keywords: white, covid, officials, public, jha, calm, transportation, mask, health, house, enters, biden, phase, fight, carry, administration Apr 07, 2022

Covid creeps ever closer to Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris — who stood next to Biden on Tuesday — has had her communications staff hit by Covid. Despite sharing the stage with Pelosi hours earlier, the White House on Thursday said that Biden had so far tested negative. The White House’s Covid operation, meanwhile, is also in flu . . .

keywords: white, covid, outbreak, officials, president, house, biden, pandemic, response, creeps, week, closer Apr 04, 2022

Biden admin plots to fix Obamacare's 'family glitch,' expand coverage

Obama, alongside President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, is slated to tout the ACA’s coverage gains and the administration’s broader efforts to slash health costs. In its rollout on Tuesday, the administration will highlight its new bid to fix the family glitch as the largest administr . . .

keywords: law, family, glitch, proposed, coverage, admin, plan, obamacares, health, aca, president, plots, biden, fix, expand, administration Mar 30, 2022

Biden praised his new Covid czar as ‘perfect.’ Not everyone is convinced.

Is it a new era in Biden’s war on Covid, or the beginning of the end for the White House’s crisis response? Public health precautions like mask wearing and social distancing have disappeared across much of the country. On top of all the logistical challenges, health officials are closely tracking th . . .

keywords: white, covid, zients, officials, jha, public, health, praised, biden, perfect, pandemic, response, czar, convinced, administration Mar 16, 2022

White House warns free Covid treatments are at risk as subsidies run out

But Congress’ ongoing stalemate over authorizing more Covid funding has turned what was once a longer-term project into a more urgent dilemma. The White House maintains that it needs billions more dollars to keep its core response efforts running, including purchasing more vaccines and treatments. B . . .

keywords: white, subsidies, covid, treatments, officials, patients, run, funding, congress, health, risk, warns, house, free, administration Mar 01, 2022

Biden throws a line to Joe Manchin and hopes he bites

There is also no indication that the White House will begin looking elsewhere to cut back on government spending. The White House has long maintained that its current proposal is fully paid for — a position that an official reiterated on Tuesday. Manchin has remained opposed to that multi-trillion-d . . .

keywords: white, bill, officials, deficit, support, democrats, reduction, hopes, joe, house, biden, throws, bites, bbb, manchin, line Mar 01, 2022

White House to unveil blueprint for the next Covid phase

While the White House remains reluctant to declare the pandemic over, the strategy is likely to make a case for scaling back public health measures, people familiar with the matter said — pointing to the growing availability of vaccines and treatments capable of better protecting Americans from the . . .

keywords: strategy, white, blueprint, covid, treatments, state, slated, public, plans, vaccines, house, phase, surges, unveil, administration