Articles by Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News. Apr 23, 2022

Michigan GOP endorses Trump-backed election denier in secretary of state race
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

Michigan Republicans on Saturday endorsed Kristina Karamo, a contender backed by former President Donald Trump, to be their party’s candidate for secretary of state. Karamo, who has repeatedly cast doubt on the 2020 election results, is now all but certain to go up against the incumbent, Democrat Jo . . .

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Blowback against ending Covid border ban grows among Democrats in tight races
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

“Lifting Title 42 without a measured, comprehensive plan would create chaos at our border and make it more onerous for families attempting to immigrate legally. Our country cannot undergo another humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border,” wrote Sisolak, who would face a tight race from any of h . . .

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Fate of absentee ballot drop boxes on trial in Wisconsin Supreme Court case
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments Wednesday in a case that could determine the use of absentee ballot drop boxes in state elections both this year and beyond. The case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court marks the latest chapter in a legal saga over the use of absentee ballot . . .

keywords: ballot, fate, ballots, state, supreme, voters, court, trial, wisconsin, boxes, absentee, case, drop, election Apr 05, 2022

Georgia lawmakers pass bill allowing state police to investigate voter fraud
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

Lawmakers in Georgia on Monday night passed a controversial elections bill that would give the state’s bureau of investigations jurisdiction over elections crimes and voter fraud. Voting rights advocates have argued that the measure would have the effect of intimidating voters and election workers. . . .

keywords: investigate, workers, fraud, bill, allowing, voting, state, voters, georgia, voter, pass, elections, rights, lawmakers, republicans, election Mar 31, 2022

New York judge strikes down state's new redistricting maps in loss for Democrats
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

He wrote in his ruling that the “process used" by state Democrats "to enact the 2022 redistricting maps was unconstitutional.”Specifically, McAllister wrote that state Democrats ignored provisions under a 2014 constitutional amendment designed to prevent partisan district drawing that govern the way . . .

keywords: congressional, ruling, redistricting, strikes, judge, state, drawn, maps, loss, democrats, court, wrote, states, york Mar 25, 2022

Utah Legislature overrides governor's veto of transgender sports ban bill
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

Utah state lawmakers on Friday overrode their Republican governor’s veto of a bill that would ban transgender students from playing girls’ sports, ensuring the controversial piece of legislation will go into effect. During a special session called specifically to consider a veto override, both Repub . . .

keywords: special, governors, bill, veto, state, override, utah, girls, legislature, session, school, transgender, kids, overrides, ban Mar 20, 2022

In Pa. gov's race, Democrat Josh Shapiro banks on abortion rights as a winning issue
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

Shapiro’s sharp and early focus on abortion rights, however, is likely to boost his campaign, strategists and politics-watchers in Pennsylvania said. Strategy comes with risks — a ‘gamble’In Pennsylvania, abortion has long been an issue many Democrats approach with nuance. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., has . . .

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'The longer we wait, the worse it will be': Ukrainian Americans push for stronger U.S. intervention
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

“People worry about World War III. World War III is right now already, it’s here already. And while many demanded the West more aggressively help Ukraine, the extent to which the U.S. should intervene was a subject of debate. Mykhaylo Mykhaylyuk arrived in Green Bay in 2002 from Ternopil as a studen . . .

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Biden says Americans can 'remove their masks,' resume pre-Covid work, life routines
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

President Joe Biden, during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, said the world had “reached a new moment” in the pandemic and called on Americans to begin resuming their pre-Covid work and lifestyle routines. “Because of the progress we’ve made, because of your resilience and the tools we h . . .

keywords: stay, safely, routines, remove, masks, americans, resume, progress, vaccines, tools, return, biden, life, precovid, promise, work Feb 14, 2022

Wisconsin GOP looks to weaponize critical race theory in governor's race
Adam Edelman Is A Political Reporter For Nbc News.

Critical race theory. In many cases, politicians have conflated the term “critical race theory” — the academic concept typically taught in college courses to examine how laws and institutions perpetuate racism — with broader lessons surrounding race. Whether critical race theory is even universally . . .

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