Articles by Adam Kilgore Jan 25, 2021

What to know from NFL conference championships: Rodgers’ future is apparently uncertain, and Mahomes has a date with Brady
Adam Kilgore

Along the offensive line, only center Austin Reiter will start the Super Bowl at the position where he began the season. Tampa Bay harassed Rodgers all game, one week after the Packers’ offensive line allowed Rodgers to be hit once against a Los Angeles Rams pass rush that included Aaron Donald. The . . .

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Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs past the Bills and back into the Super Bowl
Adam Kilgore

Kansas City is headed back to the Super Bowl after its 38-24 dispatching of the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., another statement of its superiority. In two weeks, Mahomes and the Chiefs will face Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a dream Super Bowl LV matchup. After Brady’s Pa . . .

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Aaron Rodgers and a relentless offense rolls over Rams and into NFC championship game at Lambeau, 32-18
Adam Kilgore

For Green Bay’s second touchdown, Rodgers pump-faked defensive end Leonard Floyd into a helpless leap and scampered inside the pylon. Before halftime, in response to a sudden Rams touchdown drive, Rodgers wheeled in the backfield to find time, scooted ahead of Aaron Donald’s fearsome lunge and rifle . . .

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All great QBs are linked with great receivers. Aaron Rodgers finally has his match in Davante Adams.
Adam Kilgore

In his seventh season, Adams cemented his status as the best wide receiver Rodgers has ever played with — apologies, Jordy Nelson — and placed the tandem on an all-time track. “I don’t know if they’ve been together quite long enough,” said Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, now an NFL Network ana . . .

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What to know from NFL Week 17: The Browns make the playoffs, and Aaron Rodgers makes his MVP case
Adam Kilgore

And now, despite coronavirus cases surging inside and outside the league, the NFL will head to the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns would not be the Cleveland Browns if they made it easy on their fans. 1 draft pick and centerpiece of the Browns’ most recent rebuild — scrambled around the right end and . . .

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nfl nfl schedule Jan 03, 2021

NFL playoffs schedule, bracket and what you need to know
Adam Kilgore

When do the NFL playoffs start? The conference championship games will take place Jan. 24, with those winners advancing to the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. This may be Drew Brees’s last chance to add a second Super Bowl to his résumé. How do the NFL playoffs work, and what’s different this year? The NFL pl . . .

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For a franchise quarterback to succeed, it takes both the right franchise and the right quarterback
Adam Kilgore

Is it more important to pick the right player, or to create infrastructure that will allow his success? The squandering of a first-round quarterback is a dual failure, but it is often hard to determine where the quarterback’s ends and the franchise’s begins. A glance around the NFL this weekend prov . . .

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What to know from NFL Week 16: Steelers rebound, Tom Brady stars and the playoffs take shape
Adam Kilgore

The NFL postseason picture this weekend was like the weather in Ireland: If you don’t like it, just wait five minutes. The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock, the Steelers and Seattle Seahawks are division champions and the Chiefs are getting a week off to start the postseason. Tom Brady is a mar . . .

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The 2021 NFL draft QB class is more than Trevor Lawrence. But it won’t be easy to evaluate.
Adam Kilgore

The sport has grown more efficient at developing NFL quarterbacks, and gradual rule changes have made it easier — easier, not easy — to learn the position at the highest level. This year’s crop and circumstances will challenge NFL teams who hope for a repeat. BYU lists Wilson at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds . . .

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What to know from NFL Week 15: The Jets won, the Ravens recovered and the Eagles have a QB dilemma
Adam Kilgore

The winless Jets had stunned the NFL for three hours, but now order would be restored. But the Jets’ victory may have cost them a prospect who comes around about once a decade. The New England Patriots aren’t going to the playoffs, the Jets aren’t picking first and Jalen Hurts isn’t going anywhere. . . .

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