Articles by Arick Wierson May 12, 2022

Thanks to its culture war, the GOP and Big Business are finally breaking up
Arick Wierson

It’s a clash that is finally breaking the decades-long alliance between Big Business and the GOP. Like any decades-long marriage that ends in divorce, this split will be tough for Big Business to swallow. Corporate CEOs routinely provided financial support to GOP war chests, and, in return, they wer . . .

keywords: finally, breaking, ceos, democrats, big, gop, thanks, political, culture, party, corporate, business, americas, rights, war Apr 14, 2022

What Trump’s off-handed comment about his health could mean
Arick Wierson

You look like you’re in good health, but tomorrow, you get a letter from a doctor saying come see me again. But Trump being Trump, what you see or hear is not exactly what you get, and it would be ill-advised to take his comments at face value. There are three possible ways to interpret Trump’s rece . . .

keywords: issues, running, potential, political, run, comment, trumps, health, offhanded, 2024, mean, trump, recent Mar 04, 2022

A possible indictment could be Trump's new badge of honor
Arick Wierson

It's the one in which Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Luke jump down a garbage chute to evade the encroaching stormtroopers. February provided a constant stream of bad news for the former president on both the civil and the criminal fronts. And with regards to potential criminal exposure, we can all pretty . . .

keywords: legal, possible, badge, civil, trumps, finally, president, attorney, criminal, indictment, trump, honor, likely Jan 18, 2022

The RNC's presidential debate claims are baseless — but may help get rid of a real problem
Arick Wierson

My former longtime boss, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, was going onstage for his first presidential debate to face off with other leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination. Days earlier, I had warned in an opinion piece for CNN that Bloomberg needed to avoid the debate st . . .

keywords: debates, rncs, republican, candidates, help, democratic, verbal, stage, claims, presidential, real, baseless, public, debate, rid, president, problem Dec 23, 2021

CDC Covid vaccine recommendation sadly didn't come as a shock to my family
Arick Wierson

Although now it seems like it happened eons ago, in reality, it has been only nine months since my wife and I received our Johnson & Johnson "one-and-done" Janssen vaccinations. Because of the limited supply of shots, health officials were prioritizing vaccinating older people and first responders. . . .

keywords: cdc, doses, shock, vaccines, family, vaccinated, officials, wife, recommendation, sadly, didnt, vaccine, covid, johnson, health, million, felt, come