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murder Uber Feb 19, 2022

Dashcam Footage Shows Uber Driver and Mom of 4 Begging Her Killer for Mercy: Cops
Blake Montgomery

The harrowing final moments of an Uber driver and mother of four who was found murdered in the Pittsburgh area last weekend were captured on a dashcam video that helped police arrest her alleged killer this week. Calvin Crew, 22, was taken into custody and charged with homicide after the footage was . . .

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Missing person Colorado cold case Feb 09, 2022

19-Year-Old’s Remains Discovered Decade After Disappearance, Suspect Arrested
Blake Montgomery

The remains of a 19-year-old who went missing a decade ago were found this week, Colorado authorities said on Tuesday. Kara Nichols’ remains were discovered in the rural Black Forest area while police executed a search warrant at the home of a suspect, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder said at a Tue . . .

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Racism Asian Americans Feb 05, 2022

Awkwafina Defends Herself Against ‘Blaccent’ Criticism, Quits Twitter
Blake Montgomery

Awkwafina took to Twitter to explain her controversial use of a “blaccent” Saturday. Then she quit the social network. The 33-year-old actor and rapper tweeted that “to mock, belittle, or to be unkind in any way possible at the expense of others is: Simply. It never has, and it never was.”Awkwafina, . . .

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coronavirus COVID-19 Jan 30, 2022

10-Year-Old Acted as ‘Class Nurse’ for Her Teacher. She Died of COVID 6 Days Later
Blake Montgomery

The parents of a 10-year-old Virginia girl who died of COVID-19 after her teacher assigned her the role of “class nurse” tore into the school on Saturday for what they described as a half-hearted investigation into her death. Teresa Sperry died Sept. 27, just five days after she started experiencing . . .

keywords: later, class, teacher, covid, symptoms, school, sperry, report, died, parents, days, schools, students, student, nurse, 10yearold, acted

Tennessee Gun violence police shooting Jan 27, 2022

Nine Cops Open Fire on Man During Confrontation on Nashville Interstate
Blake Montgomery

Nine police officers in Tennessee opened fire at a 37-year-old man on Thursday afternoon after a confrontation on an interstate highway in Nashville. The man, who police said had been sitting on a guardrail on the busy roadway, died. When the trooper stopped and spoke to the man, trying to get him o . . .

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The Holocaust Pulitzer Prize Graphic novel Jan 27, 2022

Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Graphic Novel ‘Maus’ Banned by McMinn County School Board in Tennessee
Blake Montgomery

A Tennessee school board barred schools from teaching a beloved graphic novel about the Holocaust in an unanimous vote the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day. The move to ban Art Spiegelman’s Maus, first reported by The Tennessee Holler, is the latest in a wave of book banning sweeping the country . . .

keywords: books, mcminn, school, county, holocaust, book, novel, members, prizewinning, maus, pulitzer, graphic, spiegelmans, tennessee

Vaccines Spotify Neil Young coronavirus Jan 26, 2022

Spotify Removes Neil Young’s Music After Joe Rogan Showdown
Blake Montgomery

The beef between Spotify and Neil Young over coronavirus vaccine misinformation is heating up. The music streaming service has begun removing Neil Young’s music from its platform after the “Heart of Gold” singer blasted the company for its deal with Joe Rogan over the podcaster’s promotion of unprov . . .

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Massachusetts TV/Movies Jan 25, 2022

‘Dune’ Actress Explains Parents’ Shock Deaths: ‘I Had No Idea Their Heat Had Gone’
Blake Montgomery

A month after her parents’ shock deaths from hypothermia, actor Alicia Witt took to Facebook Tuesday to detail how the preventable tragedy has left her reeling and struggling with what she could have done to save them. In a raw statement released Tuesday, the 1984 Dune actor and Orange Is the New Bl . . .

keywords: dune, actress, wrote, actor, preventable, explains, private, heart, witt, tell, gone, parents, idea, witts, deaths, shock, heat

Gun violence in the United States Jan 23, 2022

8-Year-Old Chicago Girl Killed by Stray Bullet to the Head
Blake Montgomery

An 8-year-old girl was fatally shot in Chicago on Saturday as she walked on a sidewalk with her mother. Police say she and her mother were not the intended targets, according to the Chicago Tribune. The two were reportedly walking together in the Little Village neighborhood when they heard gunfire a . . .

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New York City Harlem Gun violence in the United States NYPD Jan 22, 2022

22-Year-Old NYPD Cop Killed in Harlem Shooting, Another ‘Fighting for His Life’
Blake Montgomery

Two police officers were shot in Harlem on Friday night, leaving a 22-year-old officer dead and the other, age 27, “fighting for his life,” per the NYPD commissioner. The shooting was just latest in a string of attacks on officers in New York City. The man who shot them, identified by police as Lash . . .

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