Articles by BURGESS EVERETT May 20, 2022

Democrats confront North Carolina blues

“I know what it takes to win in North Carolina and Cheri Beasley can do it. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper speaks to the crowd during an election night event for Democratic Senate candidate Cheri Beasley on May 17, 2022 in Raleigh, North Carolina. And they are already committing money to Pennsylvani . . .

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Dems stand back and watch Chuck and Joe show

And Manchin says Schumer gets where he’s coming from. But you know, Sen. Schumer has a pretty far-left caucus. Asked about where things stand with Manchin, Schumer replied Wednesday: “We’re making progress, got more to do. His West Virginia colleague, Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, said, “I d . . .

keywords: dems, democrats, chuck, schumer, joe, dont, sen, manchin, watch, going, party, deal, manchins, think, stand May 17, 2022

MoveOn plows $30 million into 'Us vs. MAGA' campaign

The $30 million plan represents the group’s largest midterm pledge yet, and is a welcome boost for Democrats in the face of large midterm investments from leading Republican groups. But MoveOn isn’t focusing precisely on the usual kitchen table issues that might normally dominate midterm races. Inst . . .

keywords: house, million, 30, plows, races, maga, moveon, senate, epting, state, campaign, candidates, secretary, midterm, group, vs May 15, 2022

McConnell takes on MAGA with Ukraine visit

Perhaps most important, McConnell is directly rejecting the notion that helping Ukraine comes at the expense of the United States. So this is not some handout,” McConnell told reporters on Sunday in a call after his visit with Zelenskyy. McConnell addressed his disagreement with Paul, whose blockade . . .

keywords: legislation, gop, maga, visit, senate, leader, takes, view, united, aid, world, ukraine, mcconnell May 14, 2022

Senate Republicans' electability headache

Former President Donald Trump is, improbably, openly trying to help the state’s Republicans meet McConnell’s electability test more than the National Republican Senatorial Committee, most GOP senators or the minority leader himself. Republicans long assumed that either Mehmet Oz or David McCormick w . . .

keywords: scott, gop, know, primary, republicans, senate, sen, electability, headache, barnette, republican, general May 13, 2022

Senate Dems grab one last chance to push Biden on student debt

The student loan fight is a key friction point between Biden and Senate Democrats. Schumer, Warren and Warnock are pressing Biden to cancel as much as $50,000 in student loan debt for borrowers, but Biden is considering much smaller relief. The progressive wing of the party believes big debt relief . . .

keywords: loan, biden, chance, dems, democrats, administration, big, debt, senate, student, push, congress, warren, grab, warnock May 12, 2022

Senate Democrats’ imaginary majority

And Democrats have had great success confirming President Joe Biden’s nominees, punctuated this week by installing a new FTC commissioner who gave Democrats the majority and the first Black woman on the Federal Reserve Board. But on a day-to-day basis, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s job is a . . .

keywords: imaginary, democrats, vote, senate, republicans, sen, manchin, party, roe, bill, majority, votes May 06, 2022

Vulnerable Senate Dems campaign as last hope against abortion ban

| Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty ImagesNotably, one of Hassan’s potential opponents is state Senate President Chuck Morse, who helped pass a 24-week abortion ban last year. “No Senate procedure or Senate rule is more important than people’s constitutional rights.”Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) on Capitol Hill . . .

keywords: dems, democrats, masto, abortion, senate, vulnerable, campaign, roe, ban, issue, cortez, hampshire, hope, rights, hassan Apr 18, 2022

McConnell-tied super PAC makes early $141M play for the Senate

Taken together, the two primary outside groups in Senate races have slotted nearly a quarter-billion dollars for the fall, with much more spending to follow those initial commitments. I mean, there’s so much at stake.”Notably, neither super PAC is putting money yet in New Hampshire, where Democratic . . .

keywords: million, law, early, senate, pac, gop, 141m, play, groups, makes, mcconnelltied, races, sen, super, republicans, democratic Apr 05, 2022

Mark Kelly's breaks with Biden pile up

Kelly, Manchin and Sinema all voted against Weil’s nomination on the floor — the first Biden pick to be defeated so publicly. He’s talkative but cautious, rarely throwing bombs but often eking out gentle distance from Biden and his more liberal colleagues. A White House official said the president a . . .

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