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Finland Ukraine Russia NATO May 12, 2022

Russia lashes out as Finland races to join NATO
Charlie D'Agata

Finland announced Thursday it is applying to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Sweden is expected to quickly follow, which could expand the Western military alliance to 32 nations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been opposed to NATO expansion — even citing it as one of the r . . .

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Ukraine Russia May 05, 2022

Civilian rescue operation underway in Mariupol as Russian forces enter steel plant
Charlie D'Agata

A third rescue operation is underway in Mariupol to help the remaining Ukrainian civilians trapped inside a besieged steel plant, the Red Cross told CBS News. Ukraine's military says Russian troops are now inside the plant — the last stronghold of the city's defenders. Hundreds of civilians remain t . . .

keywords: mariupol, underway, family, cbs, troops, towns, rescue, trapped, ukrainian, russian, malnychenko, civilians, operation, steel, plant, civilian, enter, forces Mar 15, 2022

Babies carried by surrogates stuck in bomb shelter in Ukraine as war escalates
Charlie D'Agata

The war in Ukraine made it too risky for the biological parents of 21 surrogate babies to come get their children, who are spending their days in a bomb shelter nursery in Kyiv. The journey of German couple, Heka and Gerhard, to pick up their son, Leonard, meant braving a 12-hour train ride straight . . .

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holocaust Jan 27, 2022

98-year-old Holocaust survivor reaches younger generations on TikTok: "I will tell my story"
Charlie D'Agata

At 98, Lily Ebert might just be the oldest influencer on TikTok. She has more than 1.6 million followers and over 23 million likes — largely for posts about how she survived the Holocaust. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Charlie D'Agata met Ebert ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Da . . .

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boat france English Channel britain Human migration Nov 24, 2021

Dozens dead after boat carrying migrants capsizes in English Channel
Charlie D'Agata

More than two dozen people drowned after the boat carrying them from France to Britain capsized in the English Channel on Wednesday. A joint French-British search and rescue mission saved dozens — but for many, it was too late. The tragedy comes as the number of migrants attempting the dangerous cro . . .

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vaccine mandate coronavirus disease 2019 covid-19 vaccine COVID-19 vaccination vaccine Nov 19, 2021

Austria to imposing nationwide COVID lockdown and vaccine mandate
Charlie D'Agata

Bialystok, Poland — Austria become the first European country to announce a new nationwide lockdown amid soaring COVID-19 infections. The drastic measures come amid record-high daily COVID-19 infections. A sign displays rules for visitors of the christmas market amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 p . . .

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Irmgard Furchner nazi germany trial Oct 26, 2021

96-year-old woman on trial in Germany for suspected Nazi war crimes
Charlie D'Agata

A 96-year-old woman is on trial in Germany where she's accused of 11,000 counts of accessory to murder at a Nazi concentration camp. It took more than 75 years to get Irmgard Furchner from the Nazi death camp to the courtroom. She was just 18 when she worked as a secretary to the commandant of the S . . .

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afghanistan Jul 12, 2021

Top U.S. general in Afghanistan steps down as military mission nears end
Charlie D'Agata

General Scott Miller stepped down today as both the last and longest serving American commander in America's longest war. At a small ceremony at Resolute Support headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, Miller called the assignment "the highlight of my military career," saying the people of Afghanistan " . . .

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taliban afghanistan Jul 05, 2021

"They are going to slaughter us": Afghan interpreter speaks out as Taliban advance
Charlie D'Agata

He was on his first day as an interpreter with a U.S. combat platoon when a roadside bomb struck his vehicle. He and his father, Abdul, had gone to sell their family home when Taliban militants came knocking one night. "When we were running away one of them shot at us and they killed my father," he . . .

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afghanistan withdrawal Apr 30, 2021

U.S. withdrawal puts freedoms for Afghan women in peril
Charlie D'Agata

. . .

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