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Sexual harassment New York Andrew Cuomo Opinion Aug 10, 2021

Cuomo Goes Down Like He Ruled—With Lies, Excuses, and Insults
Danielle Tcholakian

Cuomo has always been a shark, and he has played politics with the survival mindset of one: Never stop swimming. For two more weeks, Cuomo will abuse the resources of the office of the governor. To believe that Cuomo is going to fade quietly into the night, humbled and atoning, is folly. This is a v . . .

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Sexual harassment Andrew Cuomo Aug 04, 2021

Andrew Cuomo Remains a Fucking Creep to the Bitter End
Danielle Tcholakian

This empty shirt, this morally bankrupt sack of hot air, this corrupt scion of unearned entitlement and utter fucking bullshit. Andrew Cuomo has always believed he is entitled to everything he wants, and that includes having it both ways, and a third way, too, ideally. Cuomo, the state’s most powerf . . .

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Sexual harassment New York Andrew Cuomo Members Only Opinion Feb 28, 2021

New York’s First Dad Andrew Cuomo Was Dishing About His Daughters While Creeping on His Staffers
Danielle Tcholakian

As the daughter of a father, my stomach crawled up into my throat when I read Charlotte Bennett’s account of her time working for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Bennett is not only the same age as Cuomo’s daughters, she actually told him that in middle school she’d played sports against them. Cuomo also benefit . . .

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Sexual harassment Governor Andrew Cuomo Feb 25, 2021

Cuomo’s Harassment Hypocrisy Is All About Money and Power
Danielle Tcholakian

“The burden is not on the woman,” Andrew Cuomo told a roomful of people, including me, at NYU in 2015 while promoting New York’s new Enough Is Enough law. “It’s not about, ‘Did the woman say no before she was attacked?’ It’s whether or not the woman said yes.”Something must have changed in the subse . . .

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