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The latest on what's happening with the bipartisan infrastructure bill
Ed O'Keefe

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Build Back Better joe biden spending bill president of the united states Oct 27, 2021

Biden to meet with House Democrats before heading to Europe
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — President Biden is scheduled to meet with House Democrats on Capitol Hill on Thursday morning to update them on plans to pass his social spending package and the bipartisan infrastructure plan, White House officials told CBS News. The president will then return to the White House to add . . .

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Build Back Better joe biden spending bill president of the united states Oct 27, 2021

House will not vote on infrastructure hours after Biden unveils revamped social spending plan
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — The House will not vote Thursday night on the infrastructure bill, hours after progressives said they would not vote on President Biden's revamped social policy and climate change plan. Hours later, the House released legislative text of the plan, running at 1,684 pages, which could ass . . .

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Build Back Better joe biden spending bill president of the united states Oct 27, 2021

Biden unveils revamped $1.75 trillion social spending plan, urging Democrats to unite
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — President Biden unveiled his revamped social policy and climate change plan Thursday that the White House expects will make sweeping changes to American society and which he hopes to pass with overwhelming Democratic Party support. The White House released details of the plan, known as . . .

keywords: infrastructure, white, president, democrats, pass, social, biden, framework, urging, plan, house, unveils, tax, spending, revamped, trillion, unite Oct 27, 2021

Biden expected to meet with House Democrats before heading to Europe
Ed O'Keefe

President Biden is expected to meet with the House Democratic caucus meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning before he leaves for Europe, multiple sources familiar with his plans told CBS News. The meeting could delay his departure to Joint Base Andrews, where he will take off for his trip to Europe. . . .

keywords: pope, senate, europe, meet, meeting, biden, leave, mr, plan, paid, psaki, house, democrats, heading, expected Oct 25, 2021

White House rejects more Trump claims of executive privilege
Ed O'Keefe

President Biden is once again refusing to exert executive privilege over a tranche of documents former President Trump is trying to keep away from a special congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The committee hasn't ruled out subpoenaing the former pre . . .

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debt ceiling john podesta Sep 22, 2021

John Podesta warns Democrats they won't get the "full $3.5 trillion investment" and urges them "to unite" in moving forward
Ed O'Keefe

"The political reality is clear, given Democrats have no margin for error in the Senate and a limited margin in the House. We will not secure the full $3.5 trillion investment," he wrote. "It's time for Democrats to unite in finding the path forward." FILE: John Podesta CBS News screen grabSingling . . .

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jack markell afghan refugees Sep 03, 2021

Biden taps former Delaware Governor Jack Markell to be Afghan refugee resettlement czar
Ed O'Keefe

President Biden is tapping the former governor of his home state, Jack Markell, to serve temporarily as a White House point person on the resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan. A White House official confirms that Markell will work across the federal government and with the private and non-profi . . .

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kathy hochul Aug 25, 2021

Kathy Hochul chooses state Senator Brian Benjamin as New York's lieutenant governor
Ed O'Keefe

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has chosen Brian A. Benjamin, a New York City-based state senator, as her lieutenant governor, two sources familiar with the decision tell CBS News. Hochul took office on Tuesday after the resignation of former Governor Andrew Cuomo and has the constitutional authority . . .

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Jill Biden japan Jul 21, 2021

First lady Jill Biden to meet Japanese emperor and prime minister
Ed O'Keefe

First lady Jill Biden is set to meet later this week with Japan's emperor and prime minister and come face-to-face with U.S. diplomats based in Tokyo as she leads the U.S. delegation to the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics amid a state of emergency there due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. The . . .

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