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The latest on what's happening with the bipartisan infrastructure bill
Ed O'Keefe

How Conspiracy Theories "Infiltrated" The Wellness CommunitySign Up For NewslettersIsraeli soccer fans face antisemitism at stadium built by the NazisPowerball jackpot rises to $635 million ahead of Saturday's drawingMore than half of U.S. police killings are misclassified, study saysJustice Brett K . . .

keywords: brett, happening, positive, bipartisan, meet, supreme, tests, court, whats, bill, latest, infrastructure, covid19, house, democrats, kavanaugh May 20, 2022

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby to take on top strategy role with National Security Council
Ed O'Keefe

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby is poised to take a senior strategy and spokesperson-type role with the National Security Council, according to a Biden administration official. He's expected to appear occasionally at the daily White House briefing, as other top members of the administration do, . . .

keywords: council, security, biden, president, administration, john, white, kirby, pentagon, secretary, spokesman, national, house, role, strategy, press May 19, 2022

First flights of baby formula expected "within days," official says
Ed O'Keefe

The first flights of baby formula into the United States are expected "within days" as federal officials are putting the final touches on plans to fly in supply from Europe, according to a senior White House official. A flight from Zurich, Switzerland, to Plainfield, Indiana is set to include 1.5 mi . . .

keywords: formula, white, days, baby, supply, include, flights, fly, production, shortage, house, official, expected, indiana

Cuba May 16, 2022

Biden administration to expand flights and consular services in Cuba, official says
Ed O'Keefe

The Biden administration is expanding flights to Cuba, expanding consular services there and relaunching family reunification programs, a bid to return U.S. engagement with the island nation closer to how it was during the Obama era. The administration plans to work with electronic payment companies . . .

keywords: trump, biden, wrong, policies, administration, relations, measures, services, expand, flights, cuba, cuban, official, rights, consular

Supreme Court of the United States Abortion May 05, 2022

Supreme Court justices get increased security after Roe v. Wade leak: "The risk is real"
Ed O'Keefe

The Supreme Court is under lockdown with eight-foot fencing around the building, all entry points blocked to vehicles and more officers on patrol. It's a scene reminiscent of what Washington, D.C., looked like after the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. CBS News has learned the nine Supreme Cour . . .

keywords: violence, security, v, real, increased, justices, risk, john, washington, wade, draft, roe, majority, supreme, court, leak, opinion, weeks Apr 13, 2022

CDC extends mask requirement on planes and public transportation to May 3
Ed O'Keefe

Omicron subvariant causes uptick in U.S. COVID casesOmicron subvariant causes uptick in U.S. COVID casesOmicron subvariant causes uptick in U.S. COVID casesWashington — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday it will extend its nationwide mask requirement for passengers o . . .

keywords: cdc, subvariant, cases, uptick, covid, requirement, variant, causes, rise, transportation, extends, planes, mask, place, public

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Mask Guidelines Apr 13, 2022

CDC extends mask mandate on planes and public transportation to May 3
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday it will extend its nationwide mask requirement for passengers on planes and public transportation through May 3, citing the need to assess the impact of a new coronavirus subvariant that is driving most COVID-19 infecti . . .

keywords: cdc, covid19, administration, place, requirement, infections, transportation, extends, planes, mandate, mask, cases, public

United States Capitol Donald Trump Mar 29, 2022

House Jan. 6 committee chair says gap in Trump phone log is "concerning"
Ed O'Keefe

UNITED STATES - JULY 27: Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., addresses the media after the House Jan. 6 select committee hearing in Cannon Building to examine the January 2021 attack on the Capitol, on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. In a statement, Trump claimed, "I have no idea what a burner phone is, to t . . .

keywords: jan, phone, calls, committee, log, president, chair, burner, house, gap, told, trump, cbs, concerning Mar 06, 2022

Biden administration team in Venezuela as U.S. seeks to break country from Russian influence
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — Senior American officials are in Venezuela this weekend to meet with the government of Nicolás Maduro, whose authoritarian rule of the oil-producing country has meant no formal diplomatic relations between the two countries since 2019. Multiple U.S. officials confirmed the trip is happe . . .

keywords: ukraine, officials, team, american, countries, influence, venezuela, country, biden, seeks, russia, break, relations, russian, oil, diplomatic, maduro, administration Mar 03, 2022

Biden administration asks Congress for $32.5 billion for COVID and Ukraine
Ed O'Keefe

Washington — The Biden administration is asking Congress to add at least $10 billion in new spending for humanitarian assistance and military operations related to Ukraine — a sharp uptick in requested spending from just a few days ago. The new spending is part of a broader ask that includes a $22.5 . . .

keywords: covid19, covid, money, asks, request, congress, biden, billion, spending, assistance, response, ukraine, pandemic, 325, administration