Articles by Elena Sheppard Dec 06, 2021

Morgan Wallen's country music redemption arc is a sad sign of the times
Elena Sheppard

As a country music fan, I’m disappointed. As a country music fan, I’m disappointed. After the leaked video of Wallen hit TMZ, the country music machine acted uncharacteristically swiftly. For a moment there was hope that country music might try to be an inclusive musical community. The industry inst . . .

keywords: racism, industry, times, wallen, morgan, arc, redemption, sad, music, artists, country, wallens, sign, black, guyton, white, color Jul 18, 2021

Post-Covid, office wear and other clothing get a rethink as we all try to remember how to dress
Elena Sheppard

So far, dressing like my January 2020 self as I re-enter mid-2021 society has felt like putting on a costume. A model walks the runway in a design by Erik-Yvon during Australian Fashion Week on June 1 in Sydney. “Conforming to a style of dress and beauty standards will be a choice instead of expecta . . .

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