Articles by EUGENE DANIELS Dec 07, 2021

‘Her failing is not an option’ — Harris convenes Black women and charts the path ahead

Connecting [all of] that does make our mission as black women fighting for this work even more important than ever.”The talk was half-strategic, half-cathartic for the group. It came amid the beginning of a new chapter for the vice president, one in which she will soon bring on new staff and hopes t . . .

keywords: path, failing, ahead, women, charts, shes, doing, vice, voting, working, option, black, meeting, president, convenes, harris Dec 04, 2021

Kamala Harris’ non-reset, reset

Harris sidestepped questions about the staff turnover and potential for a reset when asked about it by POLITICO, and her office declined to comment for this story. Four staffers have announced their departures from the vice president’s office in recent weeks. But they are part of a wave that could g . . .

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Biden made huge promises to HBCUs. Can he sell its students on compromise?

Funding for the nation’s more than 100 HBCUs is one of many things in the president’s Build Back Better agenda. With the Founders Library in the background, people walk through the Howard University campus, Tuesday, July 6, 2021, in Washington. In the process, direct HBCU funding took a significant . . .

keywords: administration, harris, university, huge, biden, howard, students, sell, promises, hbcu, funding, black, billion, compromise, hbcus Oct 26, 2021

White House builds bridges with one of Black community’s most powerful groups

The Divine Nine boasts 2.5 million members worldwide, including some of the most influential and powerful Black people in the country and the Biden administration. That includes Vice President Kamala Harris, Office of Public Engagement Director Cedric Richmond, and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a . . .

keywords: communitys, builds, white, divine, harris, biden, community, black, power, powerful, bridges, organizations, president, house, groups Sep 11, 2021

How 9/11 shaped Joe Biden’s approach to the politics of national tragedy

But never, prior to 9/11, had he attempted to apply those skills to a moment of national tragedy. Margaret Aitken, Biden’s press secretary at the time, met up with him on his way to the Capitol steps. Part of Biden’s desire to speak that morning was driven by the fact that the other national figures . . .

keywords: 911, day, tragedy, politics, brady, policy, president, way, approach, biden, national, capitol, car, joe, shaped, bidens Sep 03, 2021

‘Worse than it was before’: Afghan exiles lament their homeland’s fate

Like thousands of other girls back home, her nieces are in a state of constant worry and it’s only been getting worse. “I’m upset for my family,” she says, her voice shaking and hoarse from a lack of sleep. For the Afghan American community, that represents a major influx. They are, at once, devasta . . .

keywords: im, fate, american, country, muzzammil, going, taliban, worse, lament, family, exiles, azim, afghan, homelands, fatima Aug 19, 2021

Harris uses convening power to expand her political network

Harris has used it to swear in Cabinet members, do interviews and to give remarks alongside the South Korean president. Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville said building a national network is a smart move for Harris — or anyone with presidential ambitions. Henry was in the group of women le . . .

keywords: leaders, convening, uses, national, president, groups, power, meetings, say, expand, vice, harris, women, political, network, biden Jul 14, 2021

Biden’s Covid vaccine campaign is sputtering. Juvenile thinks he can help.

And unlike others who are taking up the task, he wasn’t actually asked by the administration for help. “I thought it was a great idea being that I'm vaccinated,” Juvenile said in an interview over Zoom last week. They didn't have that opportunity to get the vaccine,” Juvenile said. Facing an increas . . .

keywords: sputtering, vaccinated, going, start, vaccine, thinks, thought, bidens, help, administration, hes, campaign, taking, juvenile, covid Jun 02, 2021

Biden privately tells lawmakers not to expect much on reparations legislation

As a candidate, Biden said he supported a commission on reparations. After his speech Tuesday, the president met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who brought up the need for H.R. For the nearly all-Black crowd inside the cultural center, which included the three remaining survivor . . .

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Biden makes Harris the point person on immigration issues amid border surge

. . .

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