Articles by HOLLY OTTERBEIN Jan 25, 2022

Dr. Oz stumbles out of the gate in Senate race

Many political operatives expect that the state Republican Party ultimately will decline to endorse in the primary this year — giving state committee members much less power than they would otherwise have. According to two separate gubernatorial campaigns in the state, Oz is leading in their interna . . .

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Pennsylvania Dems fume over redistricting court case

In a surprise to Democrats this week, the state’s Supreme Court refused to take up the case, which will now give outsized influence to a conservative lower court in determining the new maps, instead of the Democratic-majority high court. (That was later overturned by the state Supreme Court.) To wai . . .

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Hope Hicks, other Trump alums join hedge-fund exec's Senate camp

| Richard Drew/AP PhotoThe roster provides a hint at how McCormick would likely run his campaign: As a staunch Trump ally. The 56-year-old McCormick, who launched an exploratory committee this week, has deep ties to the Trump orbit. He was considered for posts at the Treasury Department and Pentagon . . .

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Manchin and Sinema get star billing in Pa. Senate race

Two other liberal contenders, state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, are also taking shots at Manchin. The attacks on opposite wings of the Democratic Party demonstrate how differently each candidate is approaching the question of how to capture a seat in one of . . .

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Senate Republicans wonder whether Dr. Oz is their Pennsylvania remedy

The state is a perennial battleground: In 2020, President Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by about one point. And while it's not clear yet how competitive Oz will be in the GOP primary, Republican senators certainly aren’t counting him out. Oz, his potential future colleagues noted, brings two important . . .

keywords: senate, campaign, pennsylvania, ozs, remedy, gop, dr, republicans, oz, republican, trump, primary, race, wonder Nov 19, 2021

Pennsylvania Republicans baffled by celebrity doctor’s Senate bid

“It’s ripe for somebody to parachute in and take it,” said Rob Gleason, former chair of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party. Parnell’s child custody dilemma “kind of opened the door to other candidates considering jumping in,” said a top Republican aide in Pennsylvania. Oz has yet to reach out to some t . . .

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Progressive coalition retools ahead of 2022

“We’re trying to save the Democratic Party from itself,” said Mejia. “Pivoting right to the center has failed the Democratic Party, leaving the base unmotivated, unspoken to, unorganized. That’s what CPD does.”In the years following former President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats vigorously deba . . .

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Democrats sweat midterm fallout from Nevada party crack-up

The Reid machine insists the new state party has no clue how to win a general election. Shortly before progressives and socialists won control of the Nevada Democratic Party this year, the party staff transferred $450,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — and then quit. (The DSCC is . . .

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Democrats spar over how to pass the Pennsylvania test

First, he would need to overcome a crowded field of Democratic candidates for the nomination. Pennsylvania state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, 30, is one of the 2022 U.S. Senate candidates who is in favor of eliminating the filibuster. Fetterman and Lamb are from Western Pennsylvania, while Kenyatta is fro . . .

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‘A conversation that needs to happen’: Democrats agonize over ‘defund the police’ fallout

. . .

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