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News Coronavirus pandemic Europe Greece Dec 10, 2021

As COVID surges, Greece pursues unvaccinated with fines and vans
John Psaropoulos

Greece still lags behind the rest of Europe, with 62 percent of the total population fully vaccinated, versus a continental average of 66 percent. Thessaloniki, Greece – When a mobile COVID vaccination unit arrived at his Greek village, Yiorgos Toumanidis showed up for his booster shot. “I spent a m . . .

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News Coronavirus pandemic Europe Greece Dec 09, 2021

COVID-19: Greeks who do not send children to school face jail
John Psaropoulos

Athens cracks down on parents who refuse to send their children to school because of COVID-19 measures such as mask-wearing or testing. “We could not tolerate the phenomenon of parents keeping children from school,” Alexandros Koptsis, general secretary for primary and secondary education at the edu . . .

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News Climate Climate Crisis Energy Renewable Energy Europe Greece Dec 07, 2021

Greece, a green energy laggard in Europe, boosts renewable energy
John Psaropoulos

The Mesohora dam, completed 20 years ago, towers across a ravine cut by the Acheloos river, but its reservoir is empty. Turning to face the sun and windGiven its ample sun and wind, Greece is a green energy laggard in Europe. Portugal, a country of similar wealth and population to Greece, already pr . . .

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News Migration Refugees Europe Greece Dec 03, 2021

Greek asylum policies creating refugee hunger crisis: Aid groups
John Psaropoulos

Athens has restricted services to those in the process of applying for asylum, leaving many without guarantees of food. Ritsona, Greece – Restrictive government decisions have cast thousands of refugees out of protective support services and are creating a hunger crisis, aid groups say. That is beca . . .

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News Climate Climate Crisis Oct 31, 2021

Climate crisis: The world has a long, hard climb to ‘net zero’
John Psaropoulos

The findings in three major documents will guide the decisions of world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow in tackling runaway climate change. World’s leaders are gathering in Glasgow to try and tighten their emission-curbing commitments with a view to reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Governments are u . . .

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Economy News Business and Economy Climate Crisis Europe Greece Oct 30, 2021

Climate change threatens Greek wetlands and ancient livelihoods
John Psaropoulos

Messolonghi Lagoon, Greece – Yiannis Theodoropoulos spends most of his time suspended half a metre above water. Theodoropoulos fears that climate change now threatens this way of life. The impact of climate change is already apparent on Theodoropoulos’s livelihood. Brackish lagoons such as those of . . .

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News Climate Climate Crisis Europe Greece Oct 28, 2021

Climate change and human error shrivel Greek agriculture
John Psaropoulos

Fixing Thessaly’s water mismanagement has become urgent because of expected changes in climate. Instead, governments allowed Thessaly’s farmers to dig their own wells and irrigate at will. According to the government’s most recent Thessaly Water Management Plan, only 23 percent of the plain was irri . . .

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News Military NATO Europe France Greece Oct 07, 2021

Greece ratifies landmark intra-NATO defence pact with France
John Psaropoulos

Athens hails security deal, saying it gives ‘new substance’ to defence of European interests in the Mediterranean. Athens, Greece – Greece on Thursday ratified a mutual defence pact with France, the first between two NATO members. But the Strategic Partnership on Defence and Security for the first t . . .

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Economy News Climate Climate Change Environment Europe Greece Sep 29, 2021

Greece: After fires, experts sound alarm over grim climate future
John Psaropoulos

Athens, Greece – Climate experts say last month’s wildfires that razed 100,000 hectares (247,000 acres) of Greek forest are only a small sampling of the environmental and economic devastation the country will face due to a warming planet this century. “The heatwave together with the resin formed a b . . .

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Economy News Military Europe France Greece Sep 28, 2021

Greece, France tout European defence autonomy with warships deal
John Psaropoulos

Athens, Greece – Greece has announced a deal to buy between six and eight French-built warships accompanied by a strategic defence partnership with France, a move the Greek prime minister said was “a first step towards European defence autonomy”. Macron stressed that the Greek deal reinforced his vi . . .

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