Articles by Jose Pagliery

Donald J. Trump Trump Organization Oct 26, 2021

A Scottish Judge Could Expose Donald Trump’s Shady Golf Finances
Jose Pagliery

The purchase of the first golf course—now the Trump International Golf Links Scotland—generated some questions. Scotland’s leader, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has held firm that politicians don’t have the power to issue unexplained wealth orders. In May, the group filed a petition asking whether . . .

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Matt Gaetz Oct 22, 2021

‘Delinquent’ Matt Gaetz Currently Blocked from Practicing Law
Jose Pagliery

This is one bar tab Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) may regret not paying. “Congressman Gaetz is no longer actively engaged in the practice of law. But four attorneys who spoke to The Daily Beast noted that it is extremely rare for lawyers to do this. This is one small but symbolic example of that.”The Daily . . .

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Donald J. Trump Steve Bannon Oct 19, 2021

Jan. 6 Panel Moves Forward With Holding Steve Bannon in Contempt
Jose Pagliery

Steve Bannon, once former President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, has placed himself on a path to now be his chief martyr. Now that the committee has advanced its recommendation to hold Bannon in “contempt of Congress,” the full House is expected to vote on the matter on Thursday. Instead, Bannon . . .

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Steve Bannon NRA Gun culture Guns Oct 08, 2021

What Do a Doomsday Church and a Gun Company Have in Common? Their Owners—and an Ultra-Right Festival
Jose Pagliery

While Sun Myung Moon became a prominent figure in the American conservative movement—founding The Washington Times newspaper—one of his sons, Justin Moon, founded the Kahr gun company in 1995. When asked whether it was appropriate to mix gun ownership with political topics that espouse anti-democrat . . .

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Donald J. Trump Trump Organization Sep 24, 2021

Prosecutors Pit Trump Org Dynasties Against Each Other
Jose Pagliery

It’s the company’s long-time chief financial officer and his son, Allen and Barry Weisselberg, versus the chief operating officer and his son, Matthew Calamari Sr. and Jr. To nail him, investigators might need to flip Allen Weisselberg, his right-hand finance man. Those calls for continued loyalty a . . .

keywords: corporate, son, org, mcconney, company, york, pit, prosecutors, dynasties, calamari, weisselberg, trump, allen, trumps

Donald J. Trump Trump Organization Sep 20, 2021

New York Prosecutors Find New Evidence in Trump Org Case
Jose Pagliery

Weisselberg and the Trump Organization were indicted on June 30 in New York State court and charged with criminal tax fraud, falsifying business records, grand larceny, and scheming to defraud the government. Both are trying to nail Trump, his company, and his officers for allegedly bogus real estat . . .

keywords: organization, org, evidence, weisselbergs, company, york, court, case, prosecutors, tax, indictment, weisselberg, trump

Mike Huckabee Sep 16, 2021

The Mike Huckabee Children’s Books Masquerading as Education
Jose Pagliery

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has a deal for you. Under the guise of “education,” Huckabee and Florida investor Bradley Saft have been aggressively pushing conservative propaganda to kids for a decade. The Learn Our History and The Kids Guide brands—both part of EverBright Media—circulate D . . .

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Donald J. Trump Afghanistan Armed forces Sep 13, 2021

Trump Politicizes Soldier Deaths. Gold Star Families Call It ‘Disgusting.’
Jose Pagliery

“Gross.” “Disgusting.” “Without honor.”These are the descriptions families of fallen soldiers are employing to describe how former President Donald Trump is using the recent deaths at Kabul’s airport as a prop in his political and fundraising machine. The statements also heavily focus on how alleged . . .

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Donald J. Trump Georgia Sep 05, 2021

Georgia DA Investigates Trump’s Call to ‘Find’ Votes
Jose Pagliery

“They’ve asked us for documents, they’ve talked to some of our folks, and we’ll cooperate fully,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told The Daily Beast this week. Raffensperger was on the call with his deputy secretary of state, Jordan Fuchs, and his agency’s top attorney, Ryan Germany. . . .

keywords: raffensperger, state, office, investigates, giuliani, investigators, georgia, trump, president, house, votes, investigation, trumps

Georgia DOJ voting rights Sep 03, 2021

The Georgia Witch Hunt Against the DOJ and Voting Rights Groups
Jose Pagliery

Raffensperger is using the Freedom of Information Act, a sunshine law commonly used by journalists to obtain government documents and expose otherwise secret activity, to seek communications between the DOJ and voting rights groups. Are they taking their orders from high command—which is actually St . . .

keywords: states, voting, state, rights, law, secretary, hunt, witch, georgia, doj, organizations, groups, voter