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News Lebanon Middle East Oct 27, 2021

Lebanese Forces supporters protest party leader’s summoning
Kareem Chehayeb

Christian political leader Samir Geagea did not turn up to give testimony on deadly Beirut clashes. Maarab, Lebanon – Supporters of the Christian Lebanese Forces party have blocked roads and highways to protest against the military intelligence decision to summon party leader Samir Geagea to give te . . .

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News Beirut explosion Lebanon Middle East Oct 26, 2021

Lebanese urge end to ‘campaign’ against Beirut blast judge
Kareem Chehayeb

Rights groups, lawyers, and journalists call for ‘honest’ reporting on the deadly Beirut Port explosion investigation in the media. Beirut, Lebanon – Rights groups, lawyers, and journalists condemned authorities for obstructing the Beirut blast probe by “undermining facts”, accusing officials on Tue . . .

keywords: lebanese, media, beirut, political, campaign, blast, rights, port, bitar, officials, judge, end, investigation, urge

News Lebanon Middle East Oct 23, 2021

Lebanon uprising protesters anxiously await military court trials
Kareem Chehayeb

“When they interrogated me, they wanted me to confess that I sprayed paint on one of their superiors,” Paulikevitch told Al Jazeera. “They always try to create a conspiracy that protesters know each other and conspire together,” Paulikevitch recalled. “Just 64 of the 237 people charged by the milita . . .

keywords: trials, lebanon, uprising, frangieh, system, protesters, lebanese, told, bzeih, protest, court, military, security, paulikevitch, anxiously, await

News Elections Politics Lebanon Middle East Oct 22, 2021

Lebanon’s President Aoun rejects draft electoral law
Kareem Chehayeb

Aoun says holding elections in March, almost two months earlier than scheduled, would lower voter participation. Beirut, Lebanon – President Michel Aoun has sent a draft law to hold parliamentary elections ahead of time on 27 March instead of May back to parliament for reconsideration. Senior Member . . .

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News Conflict Syria's War United Nations Middle East Syria Oct 22, 2021

UN says Syrian constitution negotiations a ‘big disappointment’
Kareem Chehayeb

Syrian delegations have failed to agree on new constitution provisions, and no new date is set for the next talks. Beirut, Lebanon – The sixth round of talks between the Syrian government, opposition, and civil society groups over constitutional reforms has failed to make any meaningful progress, Un . . .

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News Elections Lebanon Middle East Oct 19, 2021

Lebanon sets March date for parliamentary election
Kareem Chehayeb

Politicians also vote against adding six seats to represent the diaspora and reject quota for women MPs. Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanon’s parliament has voted to set a date of March 27 next year to hold a parliamentary election, slightly ahead of schedule. The election was originally set to take place in . . .

keywords: lebanon, parliament, vote, represent, seats, election, countrys, adding, date, quota, diaspora, sets, parliamentary, women

News Humanitarian Crises Syria's War Water Middle East Syria Oct 19, 2021

Water crisis plagues tens of thousands in northeast Syria: NGOs
Kareem Chehayeb

Beirut, Lebanon – Ongoing water shortages in northeastern Syria are compounding an already devastating humanitarian crisis for tens of thousands of people, according to aid organisations. Mercy Corps Syria told Al Jazeera that it had recorded similar numbers of the diseases compiled by Save the Chil . . .

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News Beirut explosion Hezbollah Lebanon Middle East Oct 18, 2021

Hezbollah accuses Lebanese Forces of killing its supporters
Kareem Chehayeb

Nasrallah accuses Christian Lebanese Forces of shooting its members after several people died in clashes last week. Beirut, Lebanon – Hezbollah’s leader has accused the Lebanese Forces party of shooting at their supporters and killing seven people last Thursday near a protest against the judge inves . . .

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News Syria's War Middle East Syria Oct 17, 2021

Syrian government, opposition to start drafting constitution
Kareem Chehayeb

Beirut, Lebanon – The Syrian government and opposition groups have agreed to start drafting new constitutional provisions during renewed United Nations-mandated negotiations in Geneva this week. “The two co-chairs now agree that we will not only prepare for constitutional reform, but we will prepare . . .

keywords: start, talks, syria, syrian, constitution, pedersen, reform, committee, constitutional, drafting, opposition

News Lebanon Middle East Oct 16, 2021

Analysis: How Judge Bitar’s probe shook Lebanon leaders
Kareem Chehayeb

Experts say judge leading investigation into last year’s explosion at Beirut’s port rattled the country simply by challenging systemic impunity. Bitar’s persistence to pursue senior political and security officials, despite their attempts to delegitimise and remove him, has put the country on notice . . .

keywords: lebanon, bitars, leaders, judiciary, hezbollah, bitar, officials, judge, probe, shook, security, legal, analysis, investigation, political