Articles by Lisa Song Nov 29, 2021

They Knew Industrial Pollution Was Ruining the Neighborhood’s Air. If Only Regulators Had Listened.
Lisa Song

ProPublica Read More The EPA Administrator Visited Cancer-Causing Air Pollution Hot Spots Highlighted by ProPublica and Promised ReformsThen came the dust. Neither industrial polluters nor the regulators who govern them know exactly how much hazardous air pollution is billowing out of smokestacks at . . .

keywords: environmental, neighborhoods, air, ruining, listened, epa, facilities, pollution, mdeq, regulators, knew, monitoring, agency, industrial, emissions, cancer Aug 20, 2021

Lawmakers Question California Cap and Trade Policies, Citing ProPublica Report
Lisa Song

Lawmakers Question California Cap and Trade Policies, Citing ProPublica Report California legislators asked the state Air Resources Board to review its forest offsets program after an investigation by ProPublica and MIT Technology Review found that up to 39 million carbon credits aren’t achieving re . . .

keywords: question, senators, lawmakers, climate, offsets, report, cap, program, credits, review, policies, board, letter, trade, forest, california, emissions, propublica, citing Nov 16, 2020

Rapid Testing Is Less Accurate Than the Government Wants to Admit
Lisa Song

Types of COVID-19 Tests PCR: a very accurate, lab-based test that can take days to process and report results. Epidemic control is the main argument for antigen testing. The HHS encourages nursing homes that can’t get access to PCR tests to use antigen tests, even on asymptomatic people. Giroir’s le . . .

keywords: accurate, tests, antigen, wants, positive, pcr, results, positives, false, rapid, nursing, testing, test, admit May 22, 2019

An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth
Lisa Song

. . .

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