Articles by Lizzie Presser Dec 07, 2021

A Multimillion-Dollar Settlement for a Young Woman Once Lost in the Shadow Foster System
Lizzie Presser

A Multimillion-Dollar Settlement for a Young Woman Once Lost in the Shadow Foster System Days after ProPublica featured Molly Cordell in a story about how a North Carolina county illegally tore her from her family and made her homeless, she got a $4 million settlement. DonateOur investigation examin . . .

keywords: department, woman, multimilliondollar, young, county, jackson, family, lost, settlement, molly, care, system, shadow, cherokee, foster Dec 01, 2021

“They Took Us Away From Each Other”: Lost Inside America’s Shadow Foster System
Lizzie Presser

“They Took Us Away From Each Other”: Lost Inside America’s Shadow Foster System Across the country, unregulated “shadow” foster care is severing parents from children — who often wind up abandoned by the system that’s supposed to protect them. Instead, caseworkers had diverted them to what some scho . . .

keywords: department, away, jackson, heaven, caseworkers, lost, americas, molly, took, care, inside, children, parents, told, system, shadow, foster May 01, 2021

The Child Care Industry Was Collapsing. Mrs. Jackie Bet Everything on an Impossible Dream to Save It.
Lizzie Presser

. . .

keywords: jackie, industry, impossible, care, bet, collapsing, mrs, save, dream, child Dec 15, 2020

For years, JaMarcus Crews tried to get a new kidney, but corporate healthcare stood in the way.
Lizzie Presser

One Saturday night, while watching “The Golden Girls,” JaMarcus told Jamuel that he worried he might not survive until prom. But those transplants are given on a first-come, first-served basis, and Black patients are less likely to get one. Black patients have far more trouble finding relatives who . . .

keywords: healthcare, diabetes, kidney, crews, way, corporate, jamarcus, patients, tried, transplant, dialysis, told, gail, black, didnt, stood Oct 19, 2020

New Bill Aims to End Racial Disparities in Amputations
Lizzie Presser

The bill proposes major reforms that seek to address policy gaps explored in the article. But catching and treating the disease, which is often caused by diabetes, is critical to preventing unnecessary amputations. The bill seeks to ensure that all at-risk patients can obtain a screening at no cost. . . .

keywords: testing, bill, amputations, end, disease, disparities, article, patients, peripheral, racial, propublica, amputation, aims, congressman Oct 09, 2020

Black Landowners Will Benefit From New Funding to Prevent Land Loss
Lizzie Presser

Series: Dispossessed How Black Families Are Losing Their LandProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. This land, often handed down over generations, is referred to as “heirs’ property,” a form of ownership in which descendants inherit an interest, like holding stock in a . . .

keywords: land, prevent, property, landowners, loss, families, protect, black, work, law, funding, mitchell, heirs, propublica, partition, benefit Aug 27, 2020

Black Diabetics Lose Limbs at Triple the Rate of Others. Here’s How Health Care Leaders Are Starting to Act.
Lizzie Presser

Prompted by a ProPublica story that detailed how Black Americans with diabetes lose limbs at a rate triple that of others, the American Diabetes Association has included an initiative to prevent unnecessary amputations as part of an unprecedented campaign to reduce racial disparities in diabetes car . . .

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