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The Daily Show Racism civil rights Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio Quentin Tarantino Daily Show Oct 27, 2021

Roy Wood Jr. Takes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘N-Word’ Acting in First Look at New Special
Matt Wilstein

When Roy Wood Jr. appeared on The Last Laugh podcast earlier this year, he teased that he would be “closing the window” between taping and air for his next stand-up special. Inspired by the fast turnaround of Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 set, he was eager to get his new hour out into the world with as litt . . .

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CNN Oct 24, 2021

Jake Tapper Destroys GOP’s ‘Cruel’ Response to Alec Baldwin Tragedy
Matt Wilstein

Noting that Hutchins was a “rising star” in her field who left behind a husband and young son, Tapper said, “Heartbreaking, for normal people. “The Colorado congresswoman thought it was funny to exploit ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ to make a joke at the expense of Baldwin,” Tapper said. Vance, who jokin . . .

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White House Saturday Night Live Joe Biden Sketch comedy SNL Oct 24, 2021

Jason Sudeikis Returns as SNL’s ‘Fun’ and ‘Lucid’ Joe Biden
Matt Wilstein

Over the course of nine seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis played dozens of recurring characters, perhaps most famously then-Vice President Joe Biden. After a cold open in which Chloe Fineman’s Jen Psaki reluctantly informed SNL’s new Biden about his sinking poll numbers . . .

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The View Meghan McCain Bravo Andy Cohen Books Mary Trump Oct 21, 2021

Meghan McCain Confronted by Andy Cohen Over ‘Hypocritical’ Tell-All Book
Matt Wilstein

In the two-and-half months since she bid her awkward farewell to The View, Meghan McCain kept her media presence pretty low key. With the title of her book unironically displayed beneath her name on screen—and her good friend and CNN host S.E. Cupp by her side—McCain teased some of the juiciest deta . . .

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New York City Joe Biden Comedy Puerto Rico Stand-up comedy HBO SNL Political correctness Late Night Daily Beast podcasts The Last Laugh Oct 19, 2021

Ricky Velez: From Late-Night Troublemaker to ‘Undeniable’ Stand-Up Star
Matt Wilstein

It’s his first time ever performing stand-up on TV and, as the title suggests, he holds nothing back. “I’ve been touring consistently for six, seven years, and I’ve never had any stand-up on television. I think that’s why this special is so different. Velez and fellow stand-up comedian Michelle Bute . . .

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Donald J. Trump The Daily Show Oct 19, 2021

Jordan Klepper Exposes MAGA Morons Who Still Think ‘Trump Won’
Matt Wilstein

What he discovered more than anything was banners, flags, and deluded supporters all proclaiming that “Trump Won” as loudly as they could. “And even though Trump won, they’re hoping he runs again,” Klepper explained. “Do you think Mike Pence will show up here today or does he not want to hang?” Klep . . .

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Saturday Night Live SNL Oct 17, 2021

SNL ‘Squid Game’ Parody Music Video With Pete Davidson and Rami Malek
Matt Wilstein

What started as a seemingly generic country music video parody turned into a full-on Squid Game parody during this week’s Saturday Night Live, complete with spoilers for anyone who has yet to catch up with Netflix’s most popular series ever. Pete Davidson and host Rami Malek were singing a ballad ab . . .

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Crime The Daily Show Podcast AMC Nancy Grace Crime fiction Daily Beast podcasts The Last Laugh Oct 12, 2021

How ‘Borat’ Writer Jena Friedman Became the ‘Hipster Nancy Grace’
Matt Wilstein

Jena Friedman is a former Daily Show field producer, an uncompromising stand-up comedian, and, as of this past year, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. “It came out on my first day working in his room and he saw it and I was like, oh my God…” Friedman says of Baron Cohen . . .

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Kim Kardashian Saturday Night Live O.J. Simpson Kanye West Caitlyn Jenner SNL Oct 10, 2021

Kim Kardashian West Roasts O.J. Simpson, Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye in SNL Monologue
Matt Wilstein

Word on the internet is that Kanye West had been “quietly advising” estranged wife Kim Kardashian West ahead of her big Saturday Night Live debut this week. But the biggest influence on her monologue may have been the late Norm Macdonald. “Basically, I’m just so much more than that reference photo m . . .

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Saturday Night Live Stand-up comedy Podcast Louis C.K. SNL Daily Beast podcasts Oct 07, 2021

Why Dane Cook Turned Down SNL and Made Up With Louis C.K.
Matt Wilstein

Did show business walk away from Dane Cook, or was it the other way around? By age 35, Cook became the second stand-up comedian to ever sell out Madison Square Garden—following his spiritual predecessor Andrew Dice Clay. Dane Cook performs at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casin . . .

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