Articles by NATALIE ALLISON Jan 13, 2022

Top Trump nemesis might join GOP Senate primary

To many Arizona Republicans, he didn’t sound like a man who believes his political career is winding down this year. John McCain and Jeff Flake, including two who were state directors, according to a POLITICO review of the governor’s office’s staff announcements. A Ducey for Senate announcement, if . . .

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Nunes quits Congress for Trump Media job

Trump Media & Technology Group said in a statement Monday that Nunes would become CEO of the company in January. While Trump’s fledgling media company makes a logical landing spot for Nunes given his closeness with the former president — and their shared animosity toward the mainstream media — Trump . . .

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Trump brokers deal to remake the field in N.C. Senate race

Walker, who was rumored for weeks to be considering a House run, has not formally announced his plans to drop out of the Senate race. Pat McCrory, who is also seeking the Republican nomination for Senate. Walker for months has trailed both Budd and McCrory in polling and fundraising. The new 7th Dis . . .

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Senate Republicans quietly buck Trump in Alabama race

“In a party trying to grow demographically and pull more women in the party, that'd be a good thing. The people of Alabama will figure that out.”Brooks has “a strong profile in Alabama, but Katie's not giving an inch,” Graham added. The financial support for Britt, the former president of the Busine . . .

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Trump’s Senate picks stumble out of the gate

“At some point, people have to ask why.”Budd’s campaign says their fundraising rapidly accelerated after the Trump endorsement in June, not just from small-dollar contributions but from donors who were previously uninterested in their campaign. Jonathan Felts, a senior adviser to Budd’s campaign, sa . . .

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Why governors keep snubbing the Senate

And while governors can live at home, senators have to schlep to D.C. every week. And I think that’s probably validated by the former governors who are in the Senate,” said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D. Only Hickenlooper won, as Bullock’s bipartisan appeal faltered in a federal race — an indication of why . . .

keywords: governor, senate, snubbing, sununu, state, governors, run, sen, trump, job, senators Nov 11, 2021

‘But he’s Jewish’: Opponent questions Mandel’s faith in Ohio Senate primary debate

But he's Jewish,” Pukita said. Pukita was referring to a radio ad created by his campaign that criticized Mandel for courting evangelical Christians and frequently visiting churches on the campaign trail. “Are we seriously supposed to believe the most Christian-values Senate candidate is Jewish?” a . . .

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‘I hope it’s a fever that will break’: GOP wrestles with infrastructure vote backlash

“Vote for this infrastructure bill and I will primary the hell out of you,” he wrote. Republicans needed Trump’s supporters, but for the first time it seemed possible they might not need the former president himself. But the eruption over infrastructure laid bare how quickly Trump could reassert him . . .

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Sununu announcement act rubs top Republicans the wrong way

“It’s hard to recruit a governor to go down and do nothing,” said Dave Carney, a New Hampshire-based national Republican consultant. McConnell, the Senate minority leader, and Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, were not given a heads up about Sununu’s announcement, aides c . . .

keywords: governor, senate, sununu, sununus, republicans, act, way, announcement, republican, washington, recruit, wasnt, rubs, wrong Nov 08, 2021

The Democratic Senate majority was already dicey. Then came Virginia.

The Youngkin playbook suggested Republicans could put together a winning blue-state coalition — while keeping the former president at a distance. On election night last week, the Senate campaign of Colorado Republican Eli Bremer, a former Olympic athlete and first-time candidate, put out a memo outl . . .

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