Articles by Neel V. Patel

Science Sun Space Innovation May 18, 2022

These Are Some of the Best Images of the Sun Ever Taken
Neel V. Patel

Rare views of the sun’s poles? A glimpse at something called a “solar hedgehog?” Weird, but check. The European Space Agency has just released a trove of new images and videos collected by Solar Orbiter, its mission to closely observe the sun and increase our understanding of its atmosphere, during . . .

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Science Space Innovation May 12, 2022

Behold the Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
Neel V. Patel

Three years ago, scientists revealed that they had “seen what we thought was unseeable”: a picture of a black hole. On Thursday, the EHT told the world it had gone a step further and taken the first ever photo of Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the supermassive black hole that sits at the center of the Mil . . .

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Science Innovation Solar System Extraterrestrial life Apr 19, 2022

The Chances of Finding Alien Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa Just Shot Way Up
Neel V. Patel

Forget Mars—Jupiter’s moon Europa is one of the most promising worlds in the solar system to look for alien life, in large part because it boasts a huge liquid ocean sitting below a sheet of ice. Although Europa is just one-fourth the diameter of Earth, its ocean may have twice as much water as our . . .

keywords: europa, alien, ridges, jupiters, double, water, shell, pockets, moon, way, greenland, ice, life, shot, chances, finding

Science Space Innovation Apr 01, 2022

The Hubble Space Telescope Spots the Oldest Star We’ve Ever Encountered
Neel V. Patel

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, a fixture of astronomy for more than three decades, continues to deliver the hits we know and love. Just this week, Hubble broke its own record and managed to spot the most distant individual star ever to be observed—a flicker of light 12.9 billion light-years away tha . . .

keywords: welch, weve, hubble, universe, star, space, webb, encountered, light, oldest, telescope, billion, means, earendel, spots

Science Human brain Health Innovation Mar 04, 2022

Even a Few Drinks a Week Can Cause Your Brain to Shrink
Neel V. Patel

Surely knocking back a few drinks every week can’t really be that bad, right? Brains naturally shrink with age, so brain size can act as a proxy measurement for brain age. Repeated brain injuries and some kinds of behaviors, including drinking, can further reduce brain size and accelerate brain agin . . .

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Animal welfare Innovation Conservation biology Feb 14, 2022

How DNA Sleuthing Can Help Save Elephants From Poaching
Neel V. Patel

Forensic science is getting better every year, and even animal conservationists are harnessing it to stop illegal poaching and trading. In findings published today in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, University of Washington scientists outline their work with the US. Department of Homeland of Sec . . .

keywords: networks, came, testing, dna, save, illegal, poaching, team, elephants, wasser, sleuthing, elephant, help, ivory, tusks, study

SpaceX Innovation Feb 09, 2022

A Geomagnetic Storm Just Wrecked 40 SpaceX Satellites
Neel V. Patel

In a blog post published Tuesday evening, SpaceX revealed that the 49 Starlink satellites launched Feb. 3 were hit by a geomagnetic storm the very next day. At least 40 of those satellites won’t make it to their destinations, and will instead be destroyed in the atmosphere as they fall back to the p . . .

keywords: wrecked, geomagnetic, company, satellite, 40, satellites, orbit, spacex, storm, starlink, hit

Health Innovation Diets Feb 08, 2022

Switching From Western Diet to Mediterranean Diet Could Add 10 Years to Life Expectancy Says New Study
Neel V. Patel

But until then, we have to rely on improving our lifespan the old-fashioned way: staying healthy and eating right. It turns out diet might play a more outsized role than we thought. A new peer-reviewed study published in PLOS Medicine on Tuesday suggests that a young adult living in the U.S. could a . . .

keywords: fadnes, diet, mediterranean, study, life, legumes, lifespan, western, switching, add, expectancy, model, health, grains

Medicine Innovation Feb 07, 2022

This New Implant Reversed Paralysis Within a Single Day
Neel V. Patel

For years now, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne have been working on a groundbreaking approach to reverse paralysis in people with spinal cord injuries, by reactivating dormant neurons with electrical stimulation. “All three patients were able to stand, w . . .

keywords: fully, able, patients, paralysis, single, implant, implants, injuries, swim, day, walk, paralyzed, versions, technology, reversed

NASA Space Innovation Feb 04, 2022

NASA’s Electrifying Photos Hint at the Future of Astronomy
Neel V. Patel

NASA just released a new gallery of images that meld X-ray data from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory with other observations made by instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope. The result is a slew of brilliant photos showing off old objects in a form that we’ve never seen before. The new photo galle . . .

keywords: future, different, images, gallery, observations, data, nasas, photos, astronomy, space, instruments, electrifying, objects, hint, xray