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Features Arts and Culture Crime History Longform Africa Oct 12, 2021

Stealing Africa: How Britain looted the continent’s art
Nosmot Gbadamosi

Shrouded in a storeroom, those arrows point to a wider conflict unfolding about artefacts looted from Africa during wars and colonisation and held in Western museums. It was an intricately carved Yoruba stool that is ironically now named after Lander and held in the British Museum. Burn marks from t . . .

keywords: objects, continents, looted, britain, african, africa, return, nigeria, benin, british, museums, artefacts, art, stealing, museum

Features Child Rights Crime Politics Sexual Assault Africa Nigeria Dec 16, 2020

Community champions law to castrate paedophiles in Nigerian state
Nosmot Gbadamosi

Despite criticism from rights groups, families of young rape victims in Kaduna state say they support the new law. Controversial new lawIn September, Kaduna’s state governor, Nasir el-Rufai enacted a new law in the highly conservative, majority-Muslim state. For perpetrators who rape children over 1 . . .

keywords: paedophiles, nigeria, law, community, abuse, kaduna, children, nigerian, rape, child, dr, state, cases, castrate, champions