Articles by Pete Williams Jan 26, 2022

Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, paving way for Biden appointment
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to people familiar with his thinking. An appointment by Biden could keep Breyer's seat on the liberal side of the court for years or decades to come. The progressive group Demand Justi . . .

keywords: supreme, law, paving, court, way, appointment, retire, woman, breyer, stephen, biden, washington, senate, justice Jan 24, 2022

Supreme Court will consider challenge to affirmative action in college admissions
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear challenges to the admissions process at Harvard and the University of North Carolina, presenting the most serious threat in decades to the use of affirmative action by the nation's public and private colleges and universities. Despite similar chal . . .

keywords: supreme, university, court, action, affirmative, students, process, consider, harvard, race, admissions, challenge, college Jan 21, 2022

Supreme Court's Sotomayor calls Texas abortion case a 'disaster' in blistering dissent
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Thursday called the Supreme Court case involving Texas' restrictive abortion law a "disaster" and a "grave disservice to women in Texas" in a dissent that ripped into state officials and criticized some of her fellow justices. The Supreme Court had sent the ca . . .

keywords: supreme, courts, law, court, case, blistering, week, officials, sotomayor, women, calls, state, texas, dissent, abortion, disaster Jan 20, 2022

Supreme Court deals another procedural setback to opponents of Texas abortion law
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday declined once again to order the Texas abortion case back to the original trial judge for further proceedings – a move that would have accelerated the ability of the challengers to try to get some relief. The groups challenging the nation's most restrictive . . .

keywords: supreme, law, wrote, court, appeals, setback, procedural, opponents, texas, deals, abortion, case, ruling Jan 19, 2022

Supreme Court won't block release of Trump documents to Jan 6 committee
Pete Williams

The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected former President Donald Trump's effort to stop the National Archives from giving the House Jan. 6 committee hundreds of pages of documents from his time in the White House. Only Justice Clarence Thomas said the court should have granted the Trump motion to blo . . .

keywords: trump, supreme, release, committee, archives, court, jan, documents, presidents, privilege, president, block, national, wont Jan 19, 2022

Supreme Court justices deny any friction over masks in the courtroom
Pete Williams

Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor denied Wednesday that there have been tensions between them over the issue of wearing masks while seated on the courtroom bench during oral arguments. "Reporting that Justice Sotomayor asked Justice Gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us," they sa . . .

keywords: supreme, gorsuch, court, justices, masks, deny, courtroom, sotomayor, mask, wear, friction, statement, oral, justice Jan 19, 2022

Supreme Court to consider Sen. Ted Cruz's challenge to limits on campaign loan repayment
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday will take up a challenge brought by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to a law governing candidates like him who loan large amounts of money to their own political campaigns. Under the 2002 federal law, candidates can receive repayment of up to $250,000 fr . . .

keywords: supreme, law, sen, limit, cruzs, court, campaign, speech, candidates, federal, loan, money, limits, repayment, ted, consider, challenge, political Jan 18, 2022

Supreme Court justice blasts Virginia city over refusing tax exemption for church
Pete Williams

One of the Supreme Court's conservatives blasted the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on Tuesday, saying officials improperly delved into the internal religious practices of a church after it requested a property tax exemption for two of its ministers. Virginia's constitution allows a real estate t . . .

keywords: supreme, virginia, exemption, court, city, churchs, property, tax, state, ministers, church, refusing, blasts, justice, religious Jan 18, 2022

Supreme Court to review Boston's refusal to fly a Christian flag at City Hall
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday will consider whether the city of Boston was wrong when it refused to let an organization fly a Christian flag in front of City Hall. Boston says the flagpole is an expression of the city's views, and therefore letting the Christian flag fly would amount to . . .

keywords: supreme, hall, city, christian, court, private, fly, review, bostons, boston, forum, flag, refusal, speech, flagpole Jan 14, 2022

Supreme Court to hear appeal of high school coach forced out over on-field prayer
Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up the appeal of a Washington state high school football coach who lost his job after he refused to stop praying on the field immediately after games. Joseph Kennedy's departure as assistant coach at Bremerton High School in 2015 made headlines na . . .

keywords: appeal, high, supreme, lawyers, prayers, court, school, hear, field, prayer, district, onfield, coach, forced, religious