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Crime Chicago Gang Child Gun violence Jan 26, 2022

Two Arrested After Fatal Shooting of 8-Year-Old Melissa Ortega, Reports Say
Pilar Melendez

Chicago authorities have arrested two people in connection with the fatal shooting of 8-year-old Melissa Ortega, whose horrific death after being struck by a stray bullet has shaken the city, local media reported. The Chicago Tribune first reported that a 27-year-old man and a 16-year-old were taken . . .

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Chicago Chicago Police Department Gang Gun violence Guns Jan 26, 2022

Parents of Chicago’s Dead Kids: Stop the Shooting Madness
Pilar Melendez

CHICAGO—When Milagros Burgos heard about the shooting death of 8-year-old Melissa Ortega on Saturday, her immediate reaction was dread. “When you hear about these repeated crimes and it feels like nothing has been done, it puts other mothers in a numb feeling,” Burgos told The Daily Beast. Like Burg . . .

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New Hampshire Massachusetts Missing person Jan 24, 2022

Missing 7-Year-Old’s Mom Calls Bullshit on Stepmom’s Story
Pilar Melendez

At the time, investigators said, Harmony was living with her father, Adam Montgomery, his wife and her stepmother, Kayla, and their two children. “Witnesses have reported that during that time, Adam, Kayla, and the children were homeless and living out of cars, possibly in the North End of Mancheste . . .

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murder North Dakota Jan 15, 2022

The Unsolved Pocket-Knife Murder of an Aspiring Teacher
Pilar Melendez

A robe covered her bloodied body, and the pocket knife that was used to murder her was close by. Minot Police investigator Dave Goodman told the Minot Daily News in 2012 that Anita did not show up to her shift at a local hotel—where she worked her second job—that day. On Monday, June 4, 2007, Anita’ . . .

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North Carolina Protest Police brutality Police officer Black Lives Matter George Floyd Jan 14, 2022

‘That’s My Son’: Bodycam Footage Shows Grim Aftermath of Jason Walker’s Death
Pilar Melendez

Amid calls for police accountability, North Carolina authorities on Friday released body-camera footage showing the aftermath of the death of Jason Walker, who was shot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy over the weekend. Walker, 37, was shot and killed on Saturday by Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy . . .

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Extremism Jan 13, 2022

Oath Keeper Boss Finally Nabbed Over ‘Seditious’ Jan. 6 Plot, Feds Say
Pilar Melendez

The Thursday arrests are far from the first in the federal probe to ensnare members of the Oath Keepers, who purport to be comprised chiefly of current and former members of the military and law enforcement. Prosecutors allege the group was part of a wider conspiracy to recruit, train, and prepare f . . .

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Africa Dentistry Hunting Jan 11, 2022

Dentist Accused of Murdering Wife on Africa Hunting Safari for Insurance Cash
Pilar Melendez

A Pennsylvania dentist and big-game hunting enthusiast allegedly murdered his wife while on an African hunting trip for a multi-million-dollar insurance payout, according to a recently-unsealed filing by federal prosecutors. According to the feds, the aim was to “defraud life insurance companies” un . . .

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New Hampshire Missing person Jan 10, 2022

Email Shows Mother’s Desperate Appeal for Action in Harmony Montgomery Case
Pilar Melendez

On Dec. 29, New Hampshire authorities were just days away from officially announcing that 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery, who had not been physically seen for two years, was missing. Adam Montgomery, 31, was arrested last week on charges including felony second-degree assault in connection with 2019 . . .

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New Hampshire Missing person Jan 06, 2022

Uncle of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Is Furious at Arrests ‘Two Years Too Late’
Pilar Melendez

Since New Hampshire authorities declared 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery missing on New Year’s Eve, over two years after she was last seen by many of those closest to her, the case has appeared to move with remarkable speed. So far, authorities have charged Adam Montgomery and his wife, Kayla, in conn . . .

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Crime Child abuse New Hampshire Missing person Welfare Jan 06, 2022

Now Stepmom of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Has Been Arrested
Pilar Melendez

The stepmother of Harmony Montgomery has now been charged in connection with the ongoing saga to find the 7-year-old who was last seen in New Hampshire in 2019. Kayla Montgomery, 31, was arrested Wednesday on one count of welfare fraud after allegedly continuing to collect food-stamp benefits for Ha . . .

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