Articles by RENUKA RAYASAM Nov 02, 2021

Why Charlottesville’s Mayor Has Had Enough

And Walker, as mayor, made sure that race was front and center of the city discourse. City leadership is in turmoil after the city manager fired Charlottesville’s first Black female police chief and then quit. Just three months after the “Unite the Right” rally, Walker was first elected to Charlotte . . .

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First Covid raised the murder rate. Now it’s changing the politics of crime.

The city council adopted the plan in September. The Community Movement Builders and other activist groups protested construction of the training facility from its earliest days. However, because construction of the training facility is likely to take years to complete, it won’t have an impact on the . . .

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Abbott tied their hands. But this Texas mayor is fighting back.

What will the impact on the city be and how do you plan to counter that impact? I’m going to borrow what my grandmother and mother used to say from the Bible: What was intended for evil, worked to our good. It’s my hope that Democrats, Republicans, independents, people with disabilities, women, you . . .

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How Covid-19 changed American cities, in 5 charts

At the start of the pandemic, the familiar hustle and bustle of cities across the nation quieted. Los Angeles’ infamous traffic dwindled and New York’s crowded subway stations emptied. In the months since, some residents and workers have returned, but not all. These charts illustrate some of the cha . . .

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Policy Hackathon: Recreating America’s downtowns

But then Covid arrived and the density that made downtowns so alluring and economically important became a deadly liability. All the policy hackers said they noticed an increase in homelessness in their downtowns as people who lacked shelter congregated in now abandoned downtown spaces. But as the w . . .

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Covid reshuffled the geography of work and home. American cities will never be the same.

Now those millennials are mostly in their 30s, ready to seek family-sized houses and yards and fret over schools. Remote working has added a new imperative (and another advantage to the suburbs): home office space. Survey after survey finds that majorities of workers — 68 percent in one study — woul . . .

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Could Texas’ Hard-Right Turn Help Flip the State? Even Democrats Aren’t Sure.

For the first time since Texas Democrats’ dreams of flipping the state leadership were dashed in 2020, many in the party are eyeing a path out of the political wilderness. “This is a totally different playing field now after what happened with the Supreme Court,” said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gi . . .

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Texas Dems’ strategy unclear as GOP preps another effort to pass voting bill

But a Travis County state district judge also signed a temporary restraining order on Monday that forbids “detaining, confining or otherwise restricting” the Texas state House members that broke quorum. The lawsuit was filed by 19 House members. An Abbott spokesperson called the ruling “contrary to . . .

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Why the Wuhan lab leak debate reignited

. . .

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How Trump got a Bush to bend the knee

. . .

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