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Donald J. Trump Elections COVID-19 Jan 27, 2022

GOP Governors Under Attack From MAGA Monsters They Helped Create
Sam Brodey

Months away from their primary contests in this 2022 midterm election, a number of Republican governors nationwide are under siege. Of the 15 GOP chief executives who are running for re-election, eight are facing at least one primary challenger running a real campaign. That number stands in stark co . . .

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Senate Joe Biden voting rights Jan 13, 2022

Sinema Reminds Biden He’s Wasting His Time on the Filibuster
Sam Brodey

The White House declined to comment on Sinema’s speech, but within the West Wing, the mood was incandescent with rage. But even fewer expected Sinema to deliver the coup de grace on the Senate floor just moments before Biden could come to Capitol Hill and make his plea. Dick Durbin (IL) and Jeff Mer . . .

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United States Senate Elections Jan 13, 2022

Get Ready for Ron Johnson to Let the ‘Freak Flag Fly’
Sam Brodey

According to Sykes, this great hope for the GOP was a “solid, Midwestern, Wall Street Journal editorial page Republican.”His name was Ron Johnson. But, in the eyes of Sykes and others, the Ron Johnson of this campaign is far different from the Ron Johnson of campaigns past. “Their campaign,” Johnson . . .

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Elections Georgia Stacey Abrams Dec 10, 2021

GOP Braces for Trump to Fuck Up Their Georgia Hopes Again
Sam Brodey

Like a lot of Georgia Republicans, Karynn Walker reacted with a resigned sigh to the latest turn of her state’s seemingly never-ending GOP civil war. “I’m going to have a whole lot of aspirin beside me, because I really do like both of them.”But Georgia Republicans will have to choose. Trump has nev . . .

keywords: perdue, braces, abrams, fuck, gop, primary, georgia, republicans, party, perdues, 2020, trump, kemp, hopes

Democratic Party Congress Lauren Boebert Dec 06, 2021

Democrats Know the GOP Will Retaliate. They Want to Punish Lauren Boebert Anyway.
Sam Brodey

It was inevitable, given the state of the Republican Party in 2021, that House Democrats would find themselves in this position again. Some of the three-dozen Democrats publicly supportive of censuring Boebert and removing her from committees say that shouldn’t matter. Omar herself has been a target . . .

keywords: punish, house, rep, going, retaliate, gop, republicans, committee, republican, democrats, boebert, lauren, democratic, know

GOP Georgia Dec 05, 2021

Perdue to Spark New GOP Civil War by Challenging Gov. Brian Kemp
Sam Brodey

Former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), whose defeat in a January runoff election handed the Senate majority to Democrats, is mounting a comeback bid—and his target is his former ally, Gov. Brian Kemp. Perdue will run against Kemp in the Republican primary for Georgia governor next year, according to the A . . .

keywords: perdue, constitution, civil, sen, gop, journal, gov, challenging, georgia, winner, brian, spark, trump, winning, war, kemp, president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rep. Rashida Tlaib Nov 20, 2021

The Squad Gets Love From the Left—and Anger From Voters
Sam Brodey

Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), Cori Bush (D-MO), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)—all voted against the massive infrastructure bill earlier this month. Back home, many constituents weren’t clapping their hands for Squad members; they were scratching their h . . .

keywords: vote, anger, love, voted, leftand, told, daily, constituents, voters, squad, infrastructure, bill, members, gets, progressive

Joe Biden Inflation House Democrats Nov 17, 2021

Dems Stuck in Spin Cycle as Inflation Slowly Ruins Everything
Sam Brodey

There’s no good way for President Joe Biden and Democrats to talk about how they are handling the worsening inflation currently squeezing consumers. Inflation concerns are now endangering their chances of passing a $1.75 trillion social spending bill, titled the Build Back Better Act. And families g . . .

keywords: stuck, spin, build, ruins, white, public, cycle, costs, economic, slowly, inflation, going, better, house, democrats, dems

Joe Biden Congress Infrastructure Nov 12, 2021

Election Setbacks Embolden Dems to Go YOLO on Biden Agenda
Sam Brodey

The party’s chances of holding its House and Senate majorities in 2022 look shakier than ever, according to several polls. And on Election Day 2021, Democrats cratered, losing the Virginia governorship for the first time in 12 years and barely scraping out Gov. Three days later, Democrats finally pi . . .

keywords: build, setbacks, trillion, lawmakers, agenda, act, election, biden, rep, better, bill, yolo, voters, house, democrats, embolden, dems

Republican Party Nov 11, 2021

GOP Ignores Its Gosar Problem and Plots to Punish Moderates
Sam Brodey

Late Friday night, 13 House Republicans defied the GOP minority leader, and bailed out President Joe Biden and Democrats by getting a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill over the finish line. In the minds of some of the most pro-Trump Republicans, handing Democrats that win amounts to treachery, far m . . .

keywords: punish, 13, republicans, moderates, mccarthy, gosar, plots, gop, aide, leader, gosars, ignores, house, democrats, problem