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debt limit debt ceiling government spending Republicans democrats chuck schumer mitch mcconnell Dec 07, 2021

Lawmakers inch closer to debt ceiling solution
Sarah Ewall-Wice

As the United States moves closer toward being unable to pay its bills, lawmakers released legislation Tuesday that would allow Democrats to raise the debt limit with a simple majority vote. The fast-track process would require Democrats in the Senate to introduce the legislation to raise the debt l . . .

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student loans federal loans Raphael Warnock joe biden student debt coronavirus student loan crisis democrats Dec 06, 2021

Student loan interest is set to kick back in when payments resume, but some Senate Democrats are asking President Biden to waive it
Sarah Ewall-Wice

As millions of federal student loan borrowers are set to start repaying their student loans in roughly two months, a group of Democratic senators are calling on President Joe Biden to waive interest, which has been set at zero percent throughout most of the coronavirus pandemic. Student loan repayme . . .

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savings retirement employment unemployment coronavirus COVID labor shortage hiring workers economic recovery Dec 06, 2021

Millions of workers retired during the pandemic. The economy needs them to "unretire," experts say.
Sarah Ewall-Wice

The pandemic drove millions of workers into early retirement — and experts say they could be key to reviving the economy. Older workers were a much bigger share of the unemployed workers in the pandemic compared with the last recession, she said. "And then we didn't see that willingness of employers . . .

keywords: retirement, pandemic, need, workers, unretire, work, job, economy, needs, say, unemployment, millions, labor, retired, experts, older Dec 03, 2021

U.S. could be unable to pay its bills in weeks as debt limit approaches
Sarah Ewall-Wice

She warned that a failure to raise the debt limit would "eviscerate" the economic recovery. "Congress would be flirting with financial disaster if it leaves for the holiday recess without addressing the debt limit." Failing to pay the country's bills on time could have a ripple effect across the eco . . .

keywords: senate, approaches, bipartisan, center, policy, debt, bills, unable, treasury, weeks, limit, pay, resolution, congress, obligations

elizabeth warren student loans joe biden federal student loan democrats student loan debt Dec 02, 2021

Millions of borrowers will have to start paying federal student loans again. Senators want to know if servicers are ready.
Sarah Ewall-Wice

Millions of people will have to start repaying their federal student loans — deferred during the coronavirus pandemic — in just two months. A group of Democratic senators wants to know if four of the servicers that manage those loans are ready to support those borrowers, many of whom will be making . . .

keywords: federal, paying, ready, loan, payments, start, loans, servicers, deadline, announced, millions, borrowers, senators, know, student Nov 29, 2021

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to warn Congress that inflation may keep rising next year
Sarah Ewall-Wice

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is expected to warn Congress that while the Federal Reserve continues to expect inflation will move down "significantly" over the next year, it "now appears that factors pushing inflation upward will linger well into next year." The new COVID-19 variant Omicron . . .

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rising prices opec joe biden gas prices oil ftc democrats Inflation Nov 17, 2021

President Biden calls on the Federal Trade Commission to look into whether "illegal conduct" is pushing gas prices up
Sarah Ewall-Wice

As gas prices soar across the United States, President Joe Biden called on the Federal Trade Commission to look into whether illegal conduct is driving up the cost of gas prices for families. In a Wednesday letter addressed to Lina Khan, chair of the FTC, Mr. Biden called her attention to "mounting . . .

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janet yellen Treasury Secretary Nov 16, 2021

U.S. might not be able to pay bills after December 15, Treasury Secretary Yellen says
Sarah Ewall-Wice

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the United States might not be able to pay its bills after December 15 as the United States barrels toward hitting the debt limit. The new so-called x-date comes just over one month after lawmakers reached a short-term deal to raise the debt limit into December. . . .

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bipartisan infrastructure bill joe biden broadband high speed internet Gina Raimondo Bipartisan infrastructure Internet Nov 09, 2021

Here's what is in the infrastructure bill that could get high-speed internet to everyone
Sarah Ewall-Wice

Melissa Roach pays $120 per month for internet at her home in Saint Louis County, Minnesota — and it is not always reliable. Her family's best solution for reliable internet is running a new line up the driveway. Millions of people across the country are, like Roach, struggling with a lack of access . . .

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jobs unemployment coronavirus labor secretary Marty Walsh labor participation rate Nov 05, 2021

Millions of people left the workforce during the pandemic. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said the new vaccine rules could help close the gap.
Sarah Ewall-Wice

The U.S. added more than half a million jobs in October, but the share of people working still lags several percentage points behind pre-pandemic figures. In an interview Friday with CBS News, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh pointed to some 3.8 million people who reported last month they had not been ab . . .

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