Articles by Shannon Pettypiece Jan 18, 2022

White House warns Russian invasion of Ukraine may be imminent
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — The White House believes Russia could launch an invasion of Ukraine at any moment, press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday, warning that an “extremely dangerous situation” is building along the Ukrainian border. "We believe we're now at a stage where Russia could at any point launch an a . . .

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Biden administration to start shipping free at-home Covid tests next week
Shannon Pettypiece

Each household will be able to request four tests via a new government-run website, and tests are to be delivered in seven to 12 days, a senior administration official said. The administration has 420 million tests under contract, with “tens of millions” currently in the possession of the government . . .

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Biden officials divided on message over N95 masks for all
Shannon Pettypiece

The issue marks the latest point of division for Biden's top health officials. There was disagreement over the summer over how widely booster shots should be made available and when, with Biden's top medical advisers breaking with career Food and Drug Administration officials. The Biden administrati . . .

keywords: house, masks, mask, message, divided, wear, person, biden, n95, administration, officials, americans, health Jan 11, 2022

'We have gone backwards': Covid confusion snarls Biden White House
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is urging schools to stay open, but there’s a widespread Covid testing shortage. He calls it the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but that’s only confused boosted Americans home sick with the omicron variant. The White House’s stay-the-course strategy on Covid is incr . . .

keywords: white, cdc, covid, house, masks, backwards, snarls, gone, biden, administration, pandemic, americans, health, testing, confusion Jan 04, 2022

Biden to deliver remarks on Covid response as surge closes schools, businesses
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will deliver remarks Tuesday on the federal response to the ongoing surge in Covid cases, urging the public to get vaccinated and wear masks and reassuring Americans that those who are fully vaccinated and boosted are not likely to have severe symptoms. Biden will al . . .

keywords: treatments, vaccinated, remarks, covid, variant, deliver, omicron, closes, businesses, hospitals, biden, tests, schools, cases, surge, response Jan 03, 2022

Biden return to D.C. disrupted by severe winter weather
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden returned to the White House Monday following his holiday break in Delaware amid severe winter weather that sent airport crews scrambling to clear the runway for Air Force One and forced the president's motorcade to crawl through snow-covered streets. Dozens of worker . . .

keywords: white, disrupted, weather, house, motorcade, winter, airport, delaware, biden, washington, severe, dc, return, president Dec 21, 2021

Hospitals in New York region say they've run out of antibody treatment for omicron variant
Shannon Pettypiece

Major hospitals in the New York region say they have stopped using monoclonal antibody therapies because they have run out of the one treatment that appears effective against the omicron variant, leaving doctors without a vital tool for treating severely ill Covid patients. But only one of the avail . . .

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Biden administration to make 500 million at-home Covid tests available for free
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — The federal government next month will start mailing at-home Covid test kits for free to any U.S. household that requests one, a senior administration official said, as the omicron variant of the coronavirus contributes to a spike in new cases. President Joe Biden is scheduled to delive . . .

keywords: available, athome, official, vaccinated, health, unvaccinated, tests, administration, hospitals, million, covid, biden, 500, likely, omicron, free, variant Dec 13, 2021

Biden to travel to Kentucky after tornadoes that left dozens dead
Shannon Pettypiece

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden said Monday that he planned to travel to Kentucky this week to survey the damage from the deadly tornadoes that tore through the state over the weekend, leaving dozens dead, towns destroyed and thousands without power. Andy Beshear said Monday that 64 people in the s . . .

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Inside the making of Biden's omicron playbook
Shannon Pettypiece

But the concerns led Biden’s team to lay the groundwork for the plan they are now beginning to implement as researchers work to determine how much of a threat the omicron variant may pose, according to people familiar with the planning. So far, they have said it is possible booster doses of the curr . . .

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