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News NATO Russia-Ukraine war Europe Finland Sweden May 18, 2022

How long will it take for Finland and Sweden to join NATO?
Thomas O Falk

As the Ukraine war rages, Finland and Sweden formally applied to join NATO on Wednesday, heralding an end to decades of neutrality. But how exactly does a country become a NATO member, and how long might the process take for Finland and Sweden? However, for Sweden and Finland, membership is relative . . .

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TEME May 18, 2022

Koliko će trebati Finskoj i Švedskoj da se pridruže NATO-u?
Thomas O Falk

. . .

keywords: finskoj, natou, koliko, pridruže, švedskoj, trebati

Economy News Oil and Gas Russia-Ukraine war Europe Russia May 12, 2022

EU oil ban adds pressure on Russia but obstacles remain: Analysts
Thomas O Falk

The bloc hopes Europe will stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year. Both Hungary and Slovakia received between 75 and 100 per cent of their oil imports from Russia last year. Moreover, the EU seeks to ban shipping and insurance companies from dealing with Russian oil. “More than 90 percent . . .

keywords: adds, countries, russia, eu, war, analysts, russian, pressure, remain, obstacles, ban, imports, oil, states, end

News NATO Russia-Ukraine war Europe Finland Sweden Apr 15, 2022

‘Unity and strength’: Why Finland and Sweden will join NATO
Thomas O Falk

“Unsurprisingly, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been the key factor in pushing Sweden and Finland closer to applying for full membership of NATO. However, since Russia’s invasion, public opinion has significantly shifted, making NATO membership for Sweden, as well as Finland, more conceivable than . . .

keywords: ukraine, sweden, membership, invasion, strength, unity, countries, join, nato, russia, security, finland, russian

News Russia-Ukraine war Europe Russia Ukraine Apr 04, 2022

Ukraine war: Can Russia’s promise of fewer attacks be trusted?
Thomas O Falk

Analysts say Russia’s war goals are unchanged but its revised strategy may be the result of unexpected challenges on the ground. Russia has promised less military activity around Kyiv, with a stated aim of building trust in the diplomatic process. Russia has lost the element of surprise, and so figh . . .

keywords: russias, strategy, fighting, forces, ukrainian, far, trusted, war, fewer, attacks, russia, ukraine, promise, russian, kyiv

News Russia-Ukraine war Europe Russia Ukraine Mar 23, 2022

Ukraine war: Why is Russia encouraging foreign fighters to join?
Thomas O Falk

While Putin did not mention the Middle East, observers say Russia is looking to recruit hardened fighters from Syria. Non-state actors are already fighting in Ukraine, said Wyn Rees, professor of international security at the University of Nottingham. The Wagner Group has close links to [Russian mil . . .

keywords: mercenaries, nitoiu, military, wagner, foreign, war, encouraging, join, russia, security, fighters, ukraine, putin, russian

TEME Kriza u Ukrajini Rat u Ukrajini Rusija Ruska vojska Ukrajina Ukrajinci Vladimir Putin Vojska Ukrajina Mar 22, 2022

Je li ruska ofanziva zaista ‘zastala na svim frontovima’ u Ukrajini?
Thomas O Falk

. . .

keywords: ruska, frontovima, zaista, ukrajini, svim, ofanziva, zastala

News Russia-Ukraine war Europe Russia Ukraine Mar 22, 2022

Has Russia’s offensive really ‘stalled on all fronts’ in Ukraine?
Thomas O Falk

Last week, the UK’s defence ministry said Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine “has largely stalled on all fronts”, with President Vladimir Putin’s forces suffering losses and making minimal progress on land, sea or air. Months before attacking Ukraine, Russia had massed more than 200,000 troops al . . .

keywords: russias, ukrainian, fronts, chemical, weapons, military, really, war, offensive, russia, stalled, ukraine, putins, russian, civilians

News Russia-Ukraine war Europe Russia Ukraine Mar 15, 2022

Ukraine: What does neutrality mean, and could it lead to peace?
Thomas O Falk

Some experts say that Ukraine remaining neutral and out of NATO could be beneficial to regional security. Russia refuses Western allegations that it wants to influence Ukraine, and claims its main desire is for Ukraine to be neutral, a buffer state, and out of NATO. But on February 24, Russia invade . . .

keywords: strategic, state, peace, does, russia, neutrality, nato, mean, lead, neutral, ukraine, putin, russian, finland

TEME Kriza u Ukrajini NATO Rat u Ukrajini Rusija Ukrajina Vladimir Putin Volodimir Zelenski Ukrajina Mar 15, 2022

Ukrajina: Šta znači neutralnost i može li ona dovesti do mira?
Thomas O Falk

. . .

keywords: mira, ukrajina, znači, može, neutralnost, dovesti