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Tucker Carlson White supremacy Republicans mass shooting Opinion May 15, 2022

Republicans Must Answer for ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Violence
Wajahat Ali

Either through innuendo or direct statements, they continue to promote the white supremacist “great replacement theory” which has yet again radicalized a terrorist to commit violence against people of color. However, it’s clear from his alleged manifesto that “great replacement theory,” which is now . . .

keywords: violence, white, conspiracy, answer, theory, great, republicans, republican, radicalized, terrorist, stefanik, rightwing, replacement, carlson

Chicago Roe v. Wade Protests Opinion May 12, 2022

The Right Hates Lori Lightfoot But Loves Trump—I Wonder Why
Wajahat Ali

However, even though one would assume Republicans would not support Mayor Lightfoot’s politics, surely they’d be fine with her passionate (and quite obviously metaphorical) “call to arms,” right? I mean, this is the same radicalized movement that has consistently admired and applauded former Preside . . .

keywords: right, trumpi, violence, trump, hates, lightfoots, republicans, lori, wonder, trumps, rightwing, mayor, lightfoot, loves, rights, jan

Opinion COVID-19 face masks Apr 14, 2022

Told You So—The BA.2 Variant Proves It Was Way Too Soon to Lift COVID Mask Mandates
Wajahat Ali

And for God’s sake, lift the damn mandates in airports.”Many share his frustrations. In a Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted last month, 51 percent said the mask mandates should expire on April 18, while 49 percent want it to stay in place. However, 59 percent believe “people should continue to . . .

keywords: covid, sothe, variant, public, travel, virus, masks, soon, told, way, proves, lift, airplane, lives, mask, wearing, mandates

Republican Party GOP Republicans Opinion Mar 31, 2022

The GOP Was Hard to Embarrass. Then Came Madison Cawthorn.
Wajahat Ali

This week was a revelation—we finally discovered that Republican leaders actually have limits to their shamelessness. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other senior GOP leaders met with Cawthorn, the youngest Republican in Congress, at the Capitol on Wednesday. Longtime GOP dirty trickster Ro . . .

keywords: came, white, sex, leaders, hard, rep, republican, mccarthy, cawthorn, sexual, madison, embarrass, week, gop

Supreme Court of the United States Ted Cruz U.S. Senate Opinion Mar 23, 2022

The GOP Staged a Racist Clown Show at Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation Hearings
Wajahat Ali

A few hours after the GOP’s racist tweet, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz did his part to advance the cause. Like a loyal footsoldier, he insinuated that Judge Jackson is an anti-white radical. This week, the villain is Judge Jackson. But, again, it doesn’t matter what Judge Jackson believes. Not to be det . . .

keywords: judge, ketanji, supreme, hearings, court, confirmation, jackson, crt, books, racist, black, sen, jacksons, staged, cruz, nominee, gop

Pro-life movement Opinion COVID-19 critical race theory Feb 16, 2022

“Pro-Life” GOP’s New Motto: “Screw You, Kids”
Wajahat Ali

It was probably inevitable, but we have officially reached the “fuck them kids” stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. During Black History Month, Republican leaders are more comfortable with our kids getting COVID than reading a book written by a Black author talking about white supremacy and diversity. N . . .

keywords: school, schools, ask, republicans, children, covid, gops, mask, mandates, kids, democrats, prolife, motto, screw

Republican Party Texas Greg Abbott Opinion Jan 31, 2022

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Is Pushing Republicans Across the Country to the Extreme Right
Wajahat Ali

Texas Republicans, led by Gov. Like a reality-TV competition from hell, Texas Republicans are showing off their skills. The Texas GOP is becoming more extreme because they are responding to their radicalized base, says Azra Siddiqui, president of Wise Up Texas, a non-partisan non-profit that empower . . .

keywords: bill, democrats, extreme, republicans, pushing, country, county, greg, right, state, ramos, texas, gov, gop, abbott

Fox News Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham Members Only Opinion Mark Meadows Dec 15, 2021

Fox News Goons Cry About Being ‘Smeared’ With Their Own Words
Wajahat Ali

Spoiler alert: Instead of candor, self-reflection or humility, the pair whined, deflected and cried about “left wing hacks” supposedly “smearing” them—by simply repeating their own words. Hannity may be stupid, but no one is that stupid. [Trump] is destroying his legacy” by refusing to speak out and . . .

keywords: hannity, jan, goons, stupid, cry, texts, words, hacks, trump, smeared, election, media, ingraham, fox

Republican Party Liz Cheney Members Only Opinion Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Dec 08, 2021

Dan Crenshaw Helps the GOP Form a Circular Firing Squad
Wajahat Ali

Crenshaw noted that Kinzinger voted with Trump 99 percent of the time, much more than the Freedom Caucus members attacking him. 3-ranking GOP leader last year until she was booted out of leadership for standing up to Trump. In November, Greene criticized Crenshaw, a war veteran and Navy Seal, for ha . . .

keywords: helps, perdue, squad, rep, crenshaw, state, gop, firing, violent, form, trumps, dan, circular, republican, omar, greene

Members Only Ilhan Omar Opinion Matt Gaetz Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Dec 01, 2021

The GOP Has Its Own Squad—of Stupid Sycophants and Sickos
Wajahat Ali

The audience, which included Rep. Lee Zeldin, hooted, hollered, and applauded, having a great time with her anti-Muslim schtick. As Omar said, it’s “sad that she thinks bigotry gets her clout”—and that it does at least within the GOP. That’s how outgoing Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger rightfully des . . .

keywords: insurrection, squad, rep, squadof, stupid, sickos, gop, republicans, republican, democrats, omar, boebert, greene, sycophants