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Republican Party Liz Cheney Members Only Opinion Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Dec 08, 2021

Dan Crenshaw Helps the GOP Form a Circular Firing Squad
Wajahat Ali

Crenshaw noted that Kinzinger voted with Trump 99 percent of the time, much more than the Freedom Caucus members attacking him. 3-ranking GOP leader last year until she was booted out of leadership for standing up to Trump. In November, Greene criticized Crenshaw, a war veteran and Navy Seal, for ha . . .

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Members Only Ilhan Omar Opinion Matt Gaetz Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Dec 01, 2021

The GOP Has Its Own Squad—of Stupid Sycophants and Sickos
Wajahat Ali

The audience, which included Rep. Lee Zeldin, hooted, hollered, and applauded, having a great time with her anti-Muslim schtick. As Omar said, it’s “sad that she thinks bigotry gets her clout”—and that it does at least within the GOP. That’s how outgoing Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger rightfully des . . .

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Donald J. Trump Members Only Opinion Matt Gaetz Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene Nov 18, 2021

Trump’s Mutant GOP Freaks Assemble Into an Evil Voltron
Wajahat Ali

The only cardinal sin is actually doing your job and getting the government to help Americans in need. However, the capacity for GOP shamelessness has no ceiling, no bounds, and still inspires slack-jawed awe. Despite voting against the bill, Alabama Republican Rep. Gary Palmer piggybacked on its ma . . .

keywords: assemble, white, voted, republicans, evil, republican, freaks, mutant, voltron, gop, rep, gosar, colleagues, house, americans, trumps

Republican Party GOP Donald J. Trump Racism Virginia KKK Far right Kyle Rittenhouse Nov 12, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Worship Is Just the Beginning for Twisted GOP
Wajahat Ali

And, every day, you must concede to white supremacy, or be canceled by the increasingly radicalized and weaponized GOP. If Rittenhouse were Black or brown, we might only see chalk lines and his body on a gurney covered in a white shroud. Through the lens of the prism of white supremacy, white killer . . .

keywords: white, defend, beginning, republican, worship, rittenhouse, twisted, gop, black, kyle, power, country, history, trying

White supremacy Virginia Terry McAuliffe Racism in the United States Opinion Nov 03, 2021

You Damn Karens Are Killing America
Wajahat Ali

In some bright news, 62% of college educated white women went for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, up from 58% who went for Biden last year. But overall a majority of white women, around 57%, went for Youngkin—a remarkable 15-point swing from 2020 when 50% went for Biden and 49% for Trump. After all, 47% o . . .

keywords: went, white, voted, america, win, democrats, karens, racist, black, voters, killing, women, color, damn

Republican Party Donald J. Trump John McCain Arizona Barry Goldwater QAnon Opinion Oct 27, 2021

Arizona Is the Viral Breeding Ground of Republican Sickness
Wajahat Ali

Goldwater was the godfather of “the Southern Strategy” that successfully manipulated white rage and white anxiety over civil rights progress and feminism to win over white voters. The Arizona GOP is no longer the party of “moderate” John McCain, who was the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, . . .

keywords: ground, votes, breeding, white, state, republican, violent, lie, viral, gop, sickness, rep, trump, arizona

Justice Department Vaccines Opinion coronavirus Ron DeSantis Oct 24, 2021

58,000 Dead, and Depraved DeSantis Is Just Getting Started
Wajahat Ali

DeSantis tweeted that “no one should lose their job over a COVID shot,” but he seems less concerned with Floridians losing their lives over COVID. DeSantis, who is vaccinated, is also apparently fine with anti-vax disinformation. Earlier in the summer, DeSantis threatened to withhold the salary of s . . .

keywords: getting, started, children, republican, dead, covid, mandates, gop, florida, department, desantis, 58000, school, depraved, garland

Roger Ailes Fox News Bill O’Reilly Tucker Carlson Members Only Opinion Oct 08, 2021

Fox News Climbed Up by Dragging America Down
Wajahat Ali

I often dream of taking the DeLorean time machine back to October 7, 1996, the official launch of Fox News over 25 years ago. Would I have been able to save American democracy, truth, vaccines, and horses in desperate need of ivermectin if I intervened and warned about the destructive effect of the . . .

keywords: warning, media, warrior, able, america, save, rightwing, dragging, fox, climbed, weaponized, conservative, warned, political

Vaccines Pfizer Opinion coronavirus Oct 04, 2021

America’s Finally Telling the Anti-Vax Nuts Where They Can Go
Wajahat Ali

It took long enough but it finally seems like the majority, which chooses life instead of eating horse paste during a pandemic, is fed up and forcing private and public action in the hopes of flattening the virus and escaping the nihilistic grip of a suicidal GOP death cult. Just like progressive De . . .

keywords: zealous, wing, white, antivax, wrote, virus, week, finally, war, weaponized, americas, instead, telling, winter, nuts

Vaccines Opinion coronavirus Sep 26, 2021

One Thing Will Save Us From These Suicidal Lunatics—Mandates
Wajahat Ali

Instead, please join me in dispensing some much-needed tough love and champion vaccine mandates to save our country and fellow neighbors. President Biden agrees, and on Friday the White House announced that millions of federal contractor employees must be vaccinated by December 8. Nearly one in ever . . .

keywords: workers, vaccines, state, lunaticsmandates, save, vaccine, vaccinated, suicidal, mandates, announced, unvaccinated, covid19, thing