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Elections QAnon Oct 27, 2021

Jim Caviezel’s QAnon Guru Wants to Control Elections
Will Sommer

Actor Jim Caviezel stepped up his embrace of the QAnon conspiracy theory last weekend, appearing at a casino-themed QAnon convention called the “Patriot Double Down” in Las Vegas to deliver a speech drenched in religious and QAnon references. He has cultivated ties as a sort of QAnon guru to right-w . . .

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James O'Keefe Project Veritas Oct 25, 2021

Judge Rules James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Is ‘Political Spying’
Will Sommer

In 2016, Allison Maass, an operative for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas group, took an internship at Democratic firm Democracy Partners under a fake name. Project Veritas eventually released the video, prompting Democracy Partners founder Robert Creamer to “step back” from the Hillary Clinton campaign. C . . .

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California Elections QAnon Oct 21, 2021

GOP Candidate for CA Sec. of State Claims She Inspired Witch’s Murder
Will Sommer

But she isn’t without her defenses, saying that her prayers also inspired the murder of a witch in her neighborhood. Later in her speech, Hamm claimed that the Satanists drove a metal stake into her property to claim it for the devil. In her 2017 memoir, Hamm claimed she attended a daycare as a chil . . .

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United States Congress QAnon Oct 19, 2021

QAnon Celeb Tries to Leave Q Behind to Run for Congress in Arizona
Will Sommer

Ron Watkins is best known as the accused operator of “Q,” the anonymous forum account that sparked the QAnon conspiracy theory. After announcing his bid for a battleground congressional seat in Arizona last week, though, he’s tried to distance himself from QAnon. Watkins’ bid looks set to test the p . . .

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QAnon Oct 16, 2021

Meet The Tomahawk-Toting QAnoner Terrorizing School Boards
Will Sommer

The audience at a meeting last month of the Ankeny, Iowa, school board exploded over the prospect of the board reinstating a mask mandate, with parents shouting at board members who supported the mask rule. “We know where you live!” one parent yelled at the school board members. During the interview . . .

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Michael Flynn QAnon Oct 08, 2021

Michael Flynn to QAnon Believers: I’m Not a Satanist!
Will Sommer

Prior to the unusual controversy, Flynn had embraced his position as a hero to supporters of QAnon, taking a QAnon oath, raising money from QAnon believers, and selling QAnon T-shirts. In May, Flynn even appeared at a QAnon conference and endorsed the idea of a military coup. After promoting QAnon f . . .

keywords: im, legions, freeborn, rays, qanon, satanic, flynn, satanist, shall, michael, prayer, congregation, flynns, believers

Lindsey Graham Vaccines COVID-19 Oct 04, 2021

Republicans Shout Down Lindsey Graham for Pushing Vaccine
Will Sommer

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was booed by Republican activists Saturday after he suggested they should consider taking the coronavirus vaccine, making him the latest prominent Republican to face a backlash from the party’s grassroots over the vaccine. Speaking at a county Republican event in Summervil . . .

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Arizona Elections Fever Dreams Sep 29, 2021

Arizona Audit Backers Turn on Each Other After Recount Flop
Will Sommer

“Some people who were involved in the report say the deep state kept the real truth out,” Sommer said on this week’s episode. “The deep state and the politically correct lawyers and RINOs of the GOP suppressed this,” said MacDonald-Evoy, summarizing right-wing critics’ complaints about the anti-clim . . .

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Fraud Sep 26, 2021

Lin Wood’s Ex-Partners Say He’s a Fraudster. His Emails May Prove It
Will Sommer

Making matters worse for Wood, his one-time partners say he wrote the alleged scheme down in a series of late-night emails—documents they now have. But now, the plaintiffs in the case say Wood was already scheming behind the scenes to dupe them out of the settlement money. Around 3 a.m. one day in F . . .

keywords: wood, legal, sandmann, lin, partners, prove, expartners, emails, case, hes, woods, say, wrote, 2020, fraudster, money

Eric Trump Vaccines Sep 21, 2021

Eric Trump Signs Up to Hype Daddy’s Record at Anti-Vax Event
Will Sommer

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump will give the keynote speech next month at an anti-vaccine conference, marking the latest alliance between the Trump family and the GOP’s fringiest elements. Trump is set to speak at the Truth About Cancer Live! “I am not there to talk about vaccines,” Trump wrote. “As . . .

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