The parents of a 10-year-old Virginia girl who died of COVID-19 after her teacher assigned her the role of “class nurse” tore into the school on Saturday for what they described as a half-hearted investigation into her death. Teresa Sperry died Sept. 27, just five days after she started experiencing a headache—and six days after her parents say she was tasked with walking sick children to the nurse’s office. Her parents weren’t even informed she had tested positive until two days after her death. She was conscripted into the role of class nurse at her school, Hillpoint Elementary, on Sept. 21, which required her to accompany sick students on their way to the nurse, according to the school’s report. The school has maintained, however, that strict protocols were in place when dealing with any children exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. The school’s report makes no mention of any times when Sperry may have been exposed to the virus, instead finding that she had walked a student to the nurse’s office for an inhaler and an arm injury two days before she first experienced a headache, which then developed into more severe symptoms. Her teacher told investigators that neither Teresa nor the student she was helping exhibited symptoms at the time, nor did Teresa have to help students who did appear to be infected, the report states. Obligating a student to escort sick students to the nurse at all reportedly ran counter to Suffolk Public School . . . read the full article here.