The state legislature passed a new election law this year, with many provisions that take direct aim at measures put in place in Harris County, which includes Houston. What will the impact on the city be and how do you plan to counter that impact? I’m going to borrow what my grandmother and mother used to say from the Bible: What was intended for evil, worked to our good. I’m hoping that will be the case here, what was intended to restrict and suppress people’s right to vote, hopefully will propel people to go to the polls. And not just people of color. It’s my hope that Democrats, Republicans, independents, people with disabilities, women, you name it, will step up. We are using all of our mechanisms to encourage people to be registered to vote. The educational and awareness components are very, very important. Then to remind them that you don’t just vote in a presidential year. It is our hope that we can energize people to go to the polls in 2022. Then the appeal is to the people in Congress. It is my hope that Sen. [Joe] Manchin and Sen. [Kyrsten] Sinema, that they will step up and pass the Voting Rights Act. Last year George Floyd’s death led to a racial justice movement that swept the cou . . . read the full article here.