Let them fight. That was my first thought after hearing Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), fire rhetorical shots at a Texas Liberty Alliance PAC event, calling out some of his Republican colleagues as “grifters” and “performance artists” who only “know how to say slogans real well” which they use to “get all of the attention.” He accused them of reciting lines “they know our voters want to hear.” He was referring to the absurdly named and violent insurrection-supporting House Freedom Caucus and members like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks, who have accused him of voting for a “vaccine database” to track and punish unvaccinated citizens. In reality, Crenshaw said it was a House bill allocating state funds to update immunization information systems, but to the same group that routinely promotes QAnon conspiracies, a life-saving measure during a pandemic might as well be a mark of “deep state” oppression and a violation of their liberty to stay sick, dumb, and vulnerable. Whether Crenshaw is thirsting for some of the Traitor Tots’ limelight or sincerely concerned about their destructive tendencies which are harming the party, he decided to defend Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who announced he’s no longer running for re-election after his own party turned on him for opposing Trump’s Big Lie. Crenshaw noted that Kinzinger voted with Trump 99 percent of the time, much more than the Freedom Caucus members attacking him. But Kizinger also believes a violent insurrection seeking to overthrow a free and fair election is a step too far—and that is a step too far for these fascists. As such, his political career as a Republican public official is over and he is subject to ex-communication, much like Rep. Liz Cheney, who voted with Trump 93 percent of times, is a freaking Cheney, and was the No. 3-ranking GOP leader last year until she was booted out of leadership for standing up to Trump. Crenshaw didn’t stick his neck out for Cheney, and while he accepted the election results he also signed on to the Texas attorney general’s lawsuit seeking to help Trump’s coup by tossing out votes from swing states. Crenshaw’s hypocrisy and “both sides” waffling on the Big Lie was so egregious that it forced Chuck Todd to become a good journalist and call him out on Meet the Press. The reality is that the modern GOP death cult demands absolute obedience and Greene has emerged as its Aunt Lydia willing to settle scores, call out traitors, and keep loyalists in line. In November, Greene criticized Crenshaw, a war veteran and Navy Seal, for having a “loser mindset,” after he tweeted that Americans should “accept the final results” of the 2020 election. She urged Republicans not to “back down,” which was the same advice she gave to Rep. Lauren Boebert after she was rightly criticized for her hateful Islamophobic comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar, which resulted in Omar receiving death threats. Greene believes that “President Trump has fought for us, we have to fight for him.” And that means fighting for his supporters, violent insurrectionists who overtook the U.S. Capitol, resulting in the deaths of five people including a police officer. On Monday, Greene, who has been removed from committees for her rants about Jewish space lasers and more, held a press conference bemoaning what she considers to be the oppressive treatment of Jan 6. prisoners at D.C.’s detention facilities. Advertisement Backing her there was a confederacy of dunces including Gaetz, Gohmert, and Gosar, who was recently stripped of his committee assignments after posting a violent anime showing him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These clowns couldn’t bother t . . . read the full article here.