More than 24 hours after they’d been publicly exposed as the hacks they so plainly are, Fox News talkers Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity ended what appeared to be a Rupert Murdoch-imposed company-wide period of silence and talked publicly about the texts they’d sent privately to Mark Meadows on Jan. 6, begging the president to call off his attack dogs who were storming the capitol. Spoiler alert: Instead of candor, self-reflection or humility, the pair whined, deflected and cried about “left wing hacks” supposedly “smearing” them—by simply repeating their own words. Hannity also found time to somehow blame Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for the insurrection we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knew was Trump’s responsibility even as it was happening. Hannity may be stupid, but no one is that stupid. Not even Ingraham, who on the night of Jan. 6 went on air to say she’d heard that Antifa may have been behind the failed coup that left five people dead. This was after she’d texted Meadows that, “This is hurting all of us. [Trump] is destroying his legacy” by refusing to speak out and tell his followers to stop the violence and go home. The coup attempt came, not so incidentally, after Fox News personalities—including those two— cast doubt on the election result 774 times in the two-week period after their own network called the 2020 election for Biden. Fox hosts, like Republican elected officials, refuse to take any ownership or responsibility for their role in radicalizing a weaponized death cult, which includes a substantial minority of our fellow Americans fighting to supposedly protect their freedoms by raging against masks, vaccines, science and Critical Race Theory. They seem perfectly fine with canceling books, elections and voting rights. In his opening monologue on Tuesday, Hannity—who’d simply outright ignored his own texts on Monday after they were read aloud by Rep. Liz Cheney as part of the treasure trove of self-incriminating evidence given to the House Select Committee by Mark Meadows—claimed his own words were a “weak attempt to smear” him, and insisted that “the texts were no different than anything I said on air that day.” Hannity had texted Meadows on Jan. 6 to ask: “Can [Trump] make a statement? Ask people to leave the Capitol.” He knew that Trump’s lie, which he’d helped promote, had gone too far. But instead of acknowledging that all these months later, Hannity whined about how his privacy was supposedly being violated and asked why there wasn’t “outrage in the media” over his private texts being released publicly. Let me help you out, Sean: It’s because you’re a wealthy, privileged snowflake having a tantrum on air after your hypocrisy was publicly exposed. To defend the indefensible, Hannity invited right-wing gadfly Dan Bongino on to defend Trump, criticize the Jan. 6 committee, and push back against Geraldo Rivera—who should actively be looking for a new job after he ripped Trump on Fox News for having “abandoned democracy” and incited the insurrection. Geraldo also tried, and failed, to elicit some genuine humanity and decency from Hannity, by saying, “I beg you, Sean, to remember the frame of mind you were in when you read that text on January 6. And when Laura did. And when Brian did. And when Don Jr. did!” Advertisement But Hannity’s frame of mind always reverts to being Trump’s Pravda, and using his privileged space to create a fictional narrative . . . read the full article here.