Gennitha McLeod is a veteran who now works as a nurse practitioner in Anniston, Alabama. She paid off $70,000 in debt in three years and hopes to open her own clinic. When Gennitha McLeod left the military in 2010, she wasn't sure how to use her veterans benefits or manage her money. She'd been affiliated with the military since she was 19, first as a military spouse and later during a four-year stint in the service as a private first class. After years of bad financial habits, paying for surgery, going back to school and raising six children, she found herself with more than $110,000 in debt. "I got tired of being in debt, tired of the rat race, tired of making payments" she said. McLeod, 41, who is now a nurse practitioner, realized that she needed to pay off the debt before she could seriously work on her next goal of opening her own clinic in Anniston, Alabama. More from Invest in You: An investment in child care would help lift some Latinas women out of poverty 12% of Hispanic households don't have a bank account —and it can cost them To raise successful children, teach them about economi . . . read the full article here.