“Finland has always had broad and good bilateral relations to Turkey,” Niinistö said. “As NATO allies, we will commit to Turkey’s security, just as Turkey will commit to our security. We take their [concerns] seriously.” Andersson also said Swedish officials “look forward to a swift ratification process by NATO members,” and that they “are right now having a dialogue with all NATO member countries — including Turkey — on different levels, to sort out any issues at hand.” Erdoğan has previously expressed opposition to Finland and Turkey joining NATO, accusing the nations of harboring terrorists and providing assistance to Kurdish militant organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the mainly Kurdish YPG militia in Syria. Niinistö referenced those allegations on Thursday, saying Finnish officials “condemn terrorism in all its forms” and “are actively engaged in combatting it.” Finland, he continued, is “open to discussing all the . . . read the full article here.