Although minority representation in the television industry is improving, the Latinx community is still severely underrepresented, according to a new diversity report. The study, which was published by UCLA on Tuesday, looked at 461 scripted cable, broadcast and digital television shows from 2019 and 2020. "Despite the promising trends in on-screen diversity recorded in this report, much work remains to be done in solving Hollywood's diversity problem," the study said. "Even as people of color collectively make progress in front of the camera, specific racial/ethnic groups such as Latinx, Asian, and Native persons continue to be severely underrepresented among television leads and among other top roles." "And though the trends generally point in the right direction for people of color among television's writers, directors, and show creators, people of color have considerable ground to cover before they reach proportionate representation among the talent who shape the stories that air and stream on the small screen." The report, which historically tracks television statistics and trends by season, found that even though the Hispanic and Latinx community make up almost 18.5% of America's population, Latinx actors made up only 5.5% of total digital roles, 5.7% of cable roles and 6.3% of broadcast roles from 2019 to 2020. The margin grew even smaller when researchers considered lead roles — Latinx and Hispanic actors starred in 4.7% of digital scripted shows, 3.9% of cable scripted shows and 7.1% of broadcast scripted shows. The study found that in the past six years there has been a "steady increase in overall cast diversity across all three platform types." But these increases are largely for Black or multiracial roles, with Latinx roles remaining "underreprese . . . read the full article here.