The U.S. added more than half a million jobs in October, but the share of people working still lags several percentage points behind pre-pandemic figures. In an interview Friday with CBS News, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh pointed to some 3.8 million people who reported last month they had not been able to come back to the workforce because of COVID-19. Businesses continue to see workforce shortages despite climbing vaccination rates, and the country is now facing what's been dubbed the "Great Resignation" as millions of workers quit their jobs in recent months. New rules unveiled Thursday by the Biden Administration require companies with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is vaccinated or conduct weekly testing. "I don't see how it hurts the economy," Walsh told CBS News. "I think what it does, it creates a safe work environment for people to want to come back to work." Walsh said new workplace safety standards could help bring back people not working due to the pandemic, because he thinks they won't come back until they feel safe — and could bring back some of the labor force who retired early due to COVID-19. Last year saw an acceleration of Baby Boomers retiring over 2019 amid the pandemi . . . read the full article here.