Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown ate a slice of humble pie Thursday, served to him by his own former personal chef. The NFL found that the star wide receiver of the reigning Super Bowl champions “misrepresented” his COVID-19 vaccination status and suspended him without pay for three games. His teammate Mike Edwards and former teammate John Franklin III were also suspended for claiming to be vaccinated. NFL players are not required to be vaccinated, but those who are not must abide by stringent safety protocols, and the league found that all three had not complied with its rules. Brown’s former private chef, Steven Ruiz, who once lived with the football player, accused him of using a fake vaccination card while speaking to the Tampa Bay Times in mid-November. Ruiz said Brown’s girlfriend offered the chef $500 to procure a fake Johnson & Johnson vaccine card for the player, a potential federal cri . . . read the full article here.