I invite you, the majority who believe in science and vaccines and who don't eat horse paste, to stop sparing any thoughts or prayers for those who die from COVID-19 after adamantly refusing to get jabbed and aggressively promoting anti-vax and anti-mask disinformation during the deadliest pandemic of our lifetimes. Instead, please join me in dispensing some much-needed tough love and champion vaccine mandates to save our country and fellow neighbors. President Biden agrees, and on Friday the White House announced that millions of federal contractor employees must be vaccinated by December 8. I only wish the deadline was sooner so more lives could be saved. Nearly one in every 500 Americans alive at the start of this pandemic—more than 650,000 people—has now died to COVID-19. Many of them would still be alive if we had not coddled and tolerated a zealous pro-death cult that continues to compromise our children’s safety and disrespect frontline health-care workers and educators for their perverse, misguided delusion of freedom. If they choose death, let them march off the cliff. The problem, however, is that their recklessness drags the rest of us to our doom. Some have said that not taking the vaccine is like choosing not to wear a seatbelt. But it’s more like being stuck in a car hijacked by an unhinged driver who refuses to wear a seatbelt and then proceeds to drive full-speed towards oncoming traffic while angrily blaming everyone else for going the wrong way. “ How do you reason with people who are literally dying to own the libs? ” Earlier this week, those who were injured in a Kroger grocery store shooting in Tennessee were rushed to the emergency rooms of a nearby hospital, which was already struggling to treat the high number of existing COVID-19 patients. Only 44 percent of Tennessee’s population is vaccinated, and Governor Bill Lee, trying his best to assist the Grim Reaper, signed an executive order banning mask requirements in schools. Across America, we are reading horror stories of how vaccinated, non-COVID patients are being deprived of necessary medical attention because selfish, ignorant people who refuse to take a free, highly available vaccine are filling up the ICUs and depending upon the very same health-care workers whom they ridicule, mock and hold in contempt. These are the same people who booed Donald Trump last month at his rally in Alabama when he encouraged his zombie death cult to get vaccinated. For years, they applauded his racism, his misogyny, his cruelty, and his incitement for a violent coup, but they finally drew a line when it came to vaccines. Meanwhile, Alabama announced that, thanks to COVID, 2020 is the first year in its history where the state had more deaths than births. How do you reason with people who are literall . . . read the full article here.