The U.S. Postal Service announced Friday that it had reached a settlement in a lawsuit filed last year by the NAACP over mail delays and their effect on election ballots. In the settlement, the postal service agreed to take “extraordinary measures” to deliver ballots for the 2022 midterm elections, such as those used during the November 2020 election. “Consistent with the Postal Service’s steadfast commitment to fulfilling our vital role in the nation’s electoral process, we agreed to continue to prioritize monitoring and timely delivery of Election Mail for future elections,” Thomas Marshall, the USPS general counsel said in a statement. “This will include outreach and coordination with election officials and election stakeholders, including the NAACP.” The agency said it would publicly post mail-in ballot guidance no later than Feb. 1 for federal primary elections, and Oct. 1 for general elections. USPS agreed to post the guidance through 2028. The postal service will also provide weekly reports on service performance starting six weeks before general elections. T . . . read the full article here.