“Due to the House pushing back consideration of the [Build Back Better Act ] to the week of November 15th, it is likely that the Senate considers the NDAA this upcoming week as we await House passage of the BBBA,” Schumer told Democrats in a Dear Colleague letter on Sunday morning. After one week in session, Congress is scheduled for a Thanksgiving break next weekend. The move toward NDAA on the Senate floor in the coming days makes it all the more likely Congress will be working well into December to finish out Biden’s domestic agenda. The Senate parliamentarian needs to go through the reconciliation bill before bringing it to the floor, making sure none of the the language runs afoul of the bill’s protections from a GOP filibuster. Schumer said he hopes to finish that process this week. Senators will also begin meeting with the parliamentarian this week to debate whether key components of the bill have a direct budgetary effect, called a “Byrd Bath.” Some House moderates want a full Congressional Budget Office score for the legislation before voting; some of that information will arrive this week. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has also said he wants more fiscal information about the bill’s impact before moving forward. “On a bill of this magnitude, this process takes time and patience,” Schumer said Sunday. "Timing of consideration of the BBBA in the Senate will largely depend on when the House sends us the bill and when CBO finalizes their scores for all of the committees, which are needed to complete the ‘Byrd Bath’ process." Unlike other legislation that requires 60 votes to advance, the reconciliation bill needs just a simple majority to pass the Senate, though there are strict rules on what can be included. Schumer also needs lockstep unity from al . . . read the full article here.