The student loan fight is a key friction point between Biden and Senate Democrats. Schumer, Warren and Warnock are pressing Biden to cancel as much as $50,000 in student loan debt for borrowers, but Biden is considering much smaller relief. The progressive wing of the party believes big debt relief will energize voters, though centrist Democrats generally prefer a more measured approach. Warnock himself could benefit as he prepares to face voters this fall. Biden publicly ruled out $50,000 in cancellations last month but said he’s considering canceling “some” student loan debt. Schumer and his allied Democrats have been unbowed, keeping pressure on Biden to take big action ahead of the midterms and avoid making a move too minor to help at the ballot box. A spokesman for Warren declined to comment on private conversations with the White House. But Warren is all in on the issue, even setting up a war room to push back on criticisms that canceling student loan debt would be unpopular or inordinately benefit the wealthy. In an interview last month, Warren made clear she wants Biden and Congress to work hand-in-hand to produce far more tangible results for Americans ahead of the midterm elections — with s . . . read the full article here.