Islamophobia is trending on Twitter, which can only mean The GoldiGlocks—Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene—have doubled down on their disturbing and hateful obsession with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and The Squad, which have now resulted in death threats. Even though their latest publicity and fundraising spectacle is another sad and dangerous reflection of their party’s downward descent into extremism, it nonetheless presents the Democrats a prime political opportunity to expose the Hate Squad as the modern face and beating heart of the GOP. These clowns keep using The Squad to get themselves in the headlines; it’s time that Democrats make Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn and Paul Gosar into their own brand—and force the rest of the Republican Party to account for these attention-seeking racist morons. Boebert had already backed out of her non-apology to Omar for smearing her as a supposed terrorist sympathizer and a member of the Jihad Squad when a video from a September fundraiser revealed that Boebert is a one-trick pony—repeating the same hateful and fabricated stock story about supposedly riding in a Capitol Hill elevator with Omar and being relieved she wasn’t wearing a backpack. The audience, which included Rep. Lee Zeldin, hooted, hollered, and applauded, having a great time with her anti-Muslim schtick. Boebert also attacked Rep. Rashida Tlaib, describing the first two Muslim women in Congress as “black-hearted evil women.” It’s always projection and hypocrisy with these Republicans. As Omar said, it’s “sad that she thinks bigotry gets her clout”—and that it does at least within the GOP. Naturally, Marjorie Taylor Greene urged Boebert, her unhinged comrade in Crossfit arms, to stand her ground and not apologize for being the “trash” that she is. That’s how outgoing Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger rightfully described Boebert, but the GOP is more comfortable kicking him out of the party than her. His crime? He refuses to be a cult loyalist and won’t spread the Big Lie or support a violent insurrection. There are no such ethical standards and moral pangs of consciousness with Boebert and Greene, who support the Jan. 6 rioters along with the far-right, anti-government Oath Keepers and Three Percenters who had a healthy presence at the insurrection that left five people dead. But Minority “Leader” Kevin McCarthy has yet to condemn Boebert, who remains a Republican in good standing like Rep. Paul Gosar, who pals around with white supremacists, allegedly helped plan the insurrection and tweets cartoons showing him killing Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Advertisement Democrats thankfully stepped up, and like Greene before him, Gosar was stripped of his committee assignments—though it’s a sure thing those will be restored if Republicans retake the House next year. Gosar stood his ground and refused to apologize, following in the footsteps of Greene, who was given a standing ovation by most of her Republican colleagues even as she continued encouraging violence against Democratic officials and making unfounded, anti-semitic conspiracy theories about powerful Jews controlling space lasers. That solidarity in hate didn’t stop Greene — who went on Steven Bannon’s podcast to smear Omar as supposedly “pro-Al Qaeda,” an “apologist for Islamic terrorists” and “anti-American” — from attacking fellow Republican Rep. Nancy Mace as “the trash in the GOP Conference,” simply because she rightfully condemned Boebert’s racist, inflammatory comments. (“All I can say… is bless her fucking hea . . . read the full article here.