In news that manages to be both shocking and unsurprising, the GOP launched an ugly, racist attack against the absurdly qualified Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, whom President Joe Biden has nominated to be the first Black female Supreme Court Justice in this nation’s history. At 10:52 am on the second day of Jackson’s confirmation hearings, the GOP’s official account tweeted a GIF with her face next to the letters CRT, which were then scratched out and replaced by her initials KBJ. Subtle. You can throw away the dog whistles of the old-time Republican propagandist Lee Atwater, the GOP of 2022 just goes right for the overt racism. A few hours after the GOP’s racist tweet, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz did his part to advance the cause. Like a loyal footsoldier, he insinuated that Judge Jackson is an anti-white radical. He spent a majority of his time asking her about Critical Race Theory (CRT), knowing full well his questions had no bearing or relevance to her career, her qualifications, or her performance as a Supreme Court Justice. It’s all ugly theater of the absurd, but that’s exactly the point. This is red meat for the conservative base, which has been increasingly radicalized and fed a steady diet of conspiracy theories and lies that deliberately and inaccurately redefine CRT as a pernicious ideology unleashed by the deep state to teach our children to be anti-white, anti-democratic, Marxist sex criminals. As Judge Jackson herself said in response to one of Sen. Cruz’s many insulting questions, “[CRT] doesn’t come up in my work as a judge. It’s never something that I studied or relied on and it wouldn’t be something I would rely on if I was on the Supreme Court.” But her record and statements don’t matter, because Judge Jackson is a Black woman—nominated by a Democratic president. That alone condemns her as a trojan horse who will allegedly use her considerable talents and powers to attack an increasingly paranoid GOP base that have been told they are being “replaced.” “ After revealing a large printout of one of the book’s pages behind him, Sen. Cruz asked with a straight face, 'Do you agree…that babies are racist?' ” It’s important to remember that right-wing activist Chris Rufo, who created the cynical anti-CRT playbook, freely admitted, “the goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.” Republicans can do this, he said, by pairing CRT “with breaking news stories that were shocking and explicit and horrifying.” He wanted to manufacture CRT as a “salient political issue with a clear villain.” He succeeded. That “villain” is Toni Morrison’s Beloved, which was successfully used by Gov. Glenn Youngkin to win over suburban white moms in Virginia. The “villain” also includes books by Black and LGBTQ authors, and now trans kids and their parents. This week, the villain is Judge Jackson. Sen. Cruz, imagining himself the heroic slayer of CRT dragons, made an issue out of Judge Jackson’s relationship with the private Georgetown Day School in Washington DC, where she sits on the board. He alleged the school, which has a historic role in embracing integration before the end of segregation, was “filled to overflowing” with “stacks and stacks of [CRT] books.” He specifi . . . read the full article here.