This week was a revelation—we finally discovered that Republican leaders actually have limits to their shamelessness. Even after spending the past six years consistently enabling a racist vulgarian who bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, paid off a porn star to cover up an extramarital affair, and incited a violent insurrection to overturn our elections—it took a bizarre comment by freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn to force GOP leadership into showing us their embarrassed face. Cawthorn got a little too comfortable on a podcast last week, waxing poetic about Republican orgies—a.k.a “sexual get-together[s]”—featuring “key bumps of cocaine” at an older colleague’s home. What should have been a salacious story of D.C. sexual politics (and a middle-aged lament on my part as to why I haven’t been invited to such amazing events) has instead become a full-blown GOP family drama. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other senior GOP leaders met with Cawthorn, the youngest Republican in Congress, at the Capitol on Wednesday. They asked him to name the people involved in the alleged orgy. According to McCarthy, Cawthorn said his allegations were exaggerations, and also completely changed his story—now alleging he “thinks he saw maybe a staffer in a parking garage 100 yards away.” “This is unacceptable,” McCarthy told reporters after the meeting, in which he admonished Cawthorn and told the young lawmaker (who once posted a video of himself beating up a tree) that he had lost his trust. But wait, we’re not done! Longtime GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone, who has a friendly history with orgies, came in with a last-second plot twist. On the right-wing social media platform Gab, Stone wrote, “Congressman Madison Cawthorn just told me [he] has NOT retracted his claims about drug-fueled orgies among D.C. elites.” Who should we believe? Who cares? It’s a mortifying episode for the Republican Party, but unlike so many other outrageous sins committed by GOP members, the leaders are actually mortified this time! The alleged illicit sex and drugs are not the main reason Cawthorn earned the vocal wrath of his Republican colleagues—such as Sen. Richard Burr, who called Cawthorn an “embarrassment at times” and Sen. Thom Tillis, who said the youngster has “not done much for his House district.” As if to prove their disdain, Burr and Tillis, North Carolina’s two most powerful Republicans, appeared at a fundraiser for Cawthorn’s primary opponent state Sen. Chuck Edwards last week. “ Even the House Freedom Caucus, which includes the GOP Justice League of freaks, nuts and racists, has apparently 'soured' on Cawthorn. ” Leader McCarthy concluded Cawthorn’s recent statements are “not becoming of a congressman.” Oddly, McCarthy has been silent on nearly every other instance of Cawthorn’s unbecoming behavior, which can only mean he found them, at the very least, acceptable. This includes Cawthorn driving with a revoked license for a second time earlier this month, referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “thug,” describing Ukraine as “incredibly evil,” bringing a knife to a school board meeting, bringing a gun th . . . read the full article here.