Want to teach your young children about how secularism is seeping into public schools, the failures of a state-run economy, and the truly positive meaning of MAGA? Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has a deal for you. Under the guise of “education,” Huckabee and Florida investor Bradley Saft have been aggressively pushing conservative propaganda to kids for a decade. But in recent years, their company has become even more contemptuous, continuing to surprise customers with automatic $20.90 monthly charges despite parents’ complaints, launching $5 million of targeted Facebook ads in the past three years, and ratcheting up incendiary messaging that parrots the latest culture war rage-bait. And its dubious college “points” program has vanished into thin air. The Learn Our History and The Kids Guide brands—both part of EverBright Media—circulate DVDs and brightly colored booklets that purport to tell the unfolding story of the United States of America. Except these aren’t traditional educational materials. Instead of the normal chapters in a U.S. history book, the pamphlets offer lessons in “Fighting Socialism,” “Cancel Culture and Free Speech,” and “Media Bias and Fake News.” And while the company’s ads attempt to entice and rile up parents by promising to teach what “they’re not learning” in public schools, Learn Our History has crossed that boundary too. Last year, the company struck a $260,000 deal with Huckabee’s home state of Arkansas, according to vendor data available on Ark.org. The department of education there used federal coronavirus relief funds to ship copies of The Kids Guide to the Coronavirus to every student in the state, according to an announcement by Arkansas Education Secretary Johnny Key. Marketing materials quote former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx, hailing it as “the gold standard for parents nationwide,” and the guide follows the conservative political stance on masks. “Face masks aren’t recommended as a way of preventing Coronavirus for healthy people,” the guide says. For four years, the company has ridden the Trump train. One poorly animated video features a monotonous speech by former President Donald Trump in which he discusses God and rails on “our media culture.” Online images advertise brochures with a boy in a “Make America Great Again” hat. The Kids Guide to President Trump is available in a “*FREE* Patriotic Kids Gift Bundle” that promises to “help your kids and grandkids learn the truth about President Trump and his accomplishments in office!” That bundle walks kids through Trump campaign pledges to “stop radical Islamic terorrism which was hurting America and many other countries throughout the world,” and teaches children how Trump wanted to prevent “dangerous people” from coming via “illegal immigration” by “build[ing] a giant wall to help stop them from entering illegally.” EverBright seems to keep up with right-wing talking points as they manifest. The recent Kids Guide to Cancel Culture and Freedom of Speech promises to help families fight “narrowminded educators and school boards” and walks children through the evils of “cancel culture”—something that “happens when the media bans people who don’t agree with their views.” Then there’s The Kids Guide to Media Bias & Fake News, which warns children that the media is biased against “faith in God,” “lower taxes,” “smaller government” and “the right to bear arms.” Meanwhile, The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism teaches them that “rich people already share their wealth by spending money to buy goods and services.” Laura Klinger, who picked up a Christopher Columbus DVD at a homeschooling convention in 2013, told The Daily Beast that she is “in shock that they’re still in business.” “The first thing that struck me was how crappy the graphics were… they were just trying too hard to relate to kids,” said the mother of five in Cato, New York. Although Klinger identifies herself as “Christian, conservative,” she still found the material disconcerting. “I did not agree with even the history they were trying to teach,” she said. “The way it was skewed, I remember wondering: Is that even true?” The Daily Beast sought an interview with Huckabee but instead received a company statement from Chad Gallagher, who advised him during his gubernatorial days and later helped run his political action committee, HuckPAC. “Our company has enjoyed tremendous growth and our products are popular for parents and children because they represent an unbiased view of America. Sadly, this is no longer taught in many schools whose curriculum has sought to divide the nation rather than bring us together. There is rampant agenda-driven bias in public schools and in the media, which is why so many families have turned to us to help their children learn,” the statement said. For years, this propaganda machine has tried to entice parents by hitting a soft spot: affordable college. In 2017, EverBright star . . . read the full article here.