As a student of American history and a person of color, I never underestimate the white, hot rage, anxiety and resentment of a Karen scorned. You might think you’ve won them over with Beyonce, Oprah, chai latte and henna, but the cult of Karen will always turn on people of color on a dime to uphold oppressive systems that ensure they remain influential and powerful handmaidens of white supremacy. Don’t believe me? According to an NBC exit poll, 75% of white women without college degrees voted for Glenn Youngkin for Governor in Virginia, compared to 56% who went for Trump in 2020. They voted for a man whose single campaign message was about stopping the manufactured bogeyman of Critical Race Theory, the latest incarnation of the Southern Strategy, which most of his voters can’t define and isn’t taught in schools, but they are certain it is absolutely terrifying and worth cancelling because it’s making their kids hate white people and become transgender. In some bright news, 62% of college educated white women went for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, up from 58% who went for Biden last year. But overall a majority of white women, around 57%, went for Youngkin—a remarkable 15-point swing from 2020 when 50% went for Biden and 49% for Trump. I’m not surprised. After all, 47% of white women voted for Trump in 2016 compared to 45% for Clinton. This was after he bragged about grabbing women by the pussy. When I interviewed white women at a Trump rally before the election, nearly all of them played off his misogyny as “locker room talk,” and gave him a pass, saving their disdain for Hillary Clinton. In 2020, these white women were so disgusted by Trump’s rampant misogyny, cruelty and racism, that even more of them, 53%, went for the vulgarian with numerous, credible sexual assault allegations. In fact, a number of high-profile Republican candidates have recently been accused of sexual abuse, including Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, whose wife testified he once strangled her and forced her out of the car and commanded her to get an abortion. So far, these ugly and terrifying accusations haven't dented a single one of them with their base, which very much includes white conservative women. The sad truth is that a majority of white women have voted for Republican candidates since 1952, every single time except for Lyndon B. Johnson and for Clinton’s second term. It makes sense. They vote for their interests, which is preserving whiteness at all costs. When push comes to shove, many white women in this country have historically shoved people of color out of the way. These suburban, PTA moms were “segregation’s constant gardeners” who helped keep Jim Crow alive; they upheld white power at the expense of Black and brown women as they marched towards suffrage; and they even came out to derail the Equal Rights Amendment, thanks to the advocacy of conservative firebrand Phyllis Schlafly who argued that (white) women, and their (white) families, were better under the current, unequal system that promoted patriarchy and white supremacy. She had a point. Why dismantle a system where you can always be the victim and weaponize your tears into bullets against Black and brown bodies? When doing the right thing means that your white son and daughter would have to compete equally with children of color in academics, sports, and the workplace, and your white husband won’t get a head start on job promotions, higher wages and bank loans compared to colleagues of color? Why dismantle a system that will protect your white children from having to confront the enduring sin and trauma of white supremacy, which includes slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, xenophobia, and racist dog whistles that continue to degrade, humiliate, and incarcerate so many people of color? In that version of America, it’s good to be a white woman. When you go missing, or there’s a tragic murder, this country mourns you, writes about you, and mobilizes all its efforts to seek retribution, but it all but ignores Black and brown girls who were also loved and leave behind family and friends yearning for justice, closure a . . . read the full article here.